United Soccer Africa

Event Supporter

United Soccer Africa- “USA” is an integrated sports management group delivering value for African football federations and teams to North American communities.

We develop and execute strategies aimed at supporting the football teams to maximize their potential and preparations for national and international sports competitions.

By partnering with local organizations and NGO’S and sports properties in the USA, United Soccer Africa provides turnkey solutions that include Sports Medicine, performance, training and pre-season tours. Additionally what we do on and off the pitch for  these teams, provides a platform to identify future talent as well as aligning  the teams and federations with key brands. 

 In 2016, we provided the aforementioned gateway services for The Nigeria Olympic soccer team who became the only team to secure a medal for Nigeria in the  2016 summer Olympics in Rio. With the help of Delta Airlines , Emory Clinic, Hartsfield’s Jackson International Airport, our goal was to promote USA  as the prime destination for exhibitions and the team preparations.

United Soccer Africa was able to establish credibility  amongst key Football Industry executives including Soccerex, that will see more Stakeholder action  for a more robust equitable engagement amongst rights holders and brands.