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People’s Sports is the most official, influential and credible platform for sports media in China, providing the latest and most interesting global news 24-hours a day. This makes People’s Sports the number one broadcasting platform in China. People’s Sports is committed to promoting fitness for all, developing the sports industry, promoting sports consumption, and creating a healthier China. People’s Sports currently serves more than one billion Chinese people through sports broadcasting, including serving all levels of government and various sports industries. People’s Sports organises various sports events, builds sports spaces, creates interactive sports platforms and many other diversified sports services. People’s Sports encourages participating in sports activities, supporting all sports, and promotes the overall sports industry in China. People’s Sports uses the People’s Daily Newspaper and People’s Daily online. It has branches in all provinces of China and over a dozen overseas countries. It has established extensive cooperative relations with the Chinese government, sports official institutions, various sports organisations, sports associations and sports enterprises.