Lanxiong Sports

Marketing Partner

Lanxiong Sports, formerly a Wechat-based media account which started at the end of 2013, is officially founded in the summer of 2015. With a Beijing HQ and a Shanghai office, Lanxiong Sports is the first sports business content provider in China. Meanwhile Lanxiong Sports has become the first multi-service platform of the Chinese sports industry and is committed to connecting top resources in sports industry.

Moreover, Lanxiong Sports has gathered more than 200 thousand sports industry executives and elites in China via its media platforms. These practitioners that include more than 15,000 entrepreneurs and 3,000 investors, are the core users of Lanxiong Sports.

New sectors including Events and Marketing, Finance Services, Advisory and Executive training emerged from media platform. With these sectors, Lanxiong Sports connects talents, capital and companies, provides the opportunities to share insights, exchanges resource and closes deals, which becomes Lanxiong Sports' business model.