Huafa Group

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Established in 1980, Huafa enjoys a history as long as that of Zhuhai Special Economic Zone. After struggling for over 30 years, it has developed into one of the top 500 enterprises in China, which is a leading state-owned enterprise in Zhuhai and a well-known comprehensive corporate nationwide.

Huafa Group have four holding listed companies including Huafa Industrial Share, Huajin Capital, Huajin International Capital and Huaguan Technologies.

Huafa Group has become the nationwide first class enterprise, which is among the nationally renowned corporation, realizing the transformation and upgrading from a regional real estate enterprise with the single business mode to the national well-known innovation driven business group, from a real estate enterprise only based on Huafa Industrial Share to a “4+2” business landscape, which means urban operation, real estate development, financial industrial and industrial investment as four core business while commercial business service and modern service as comprehensive supplementaries.

Looking into the future, Huafa will adhere to the principle of “Staying true with Original Dreams, marching forward with victorius pursuit”, by carrying forwards the pioneering spirit, implementing new development ideas, grabbing challenges, shouldering responsibilities, rising above difficulties, fighting against the adverse, Huafa will go forward from China’s top enterprise to a world-class level.