Gilt Edge Soccer Marketing

Media Partner

Gilt Edge Soccer Marketing (GESM) is the only marketing agency specifically built to help brands connect with soccer consumers in the U.S. and is recognized for its’ expertise in strategy development, experiential marketing, promotional marketing, and social media publishing. The Agency boasts clients from three sectors of the industry:  blue chip corporate brands, marquee international soccer leagues and teams, and media companies vested in soccer programming.

Over a 10-year history GESM has helped more than 30 corporate brands including Alcatel, Bimbo, Microsoft, Pepsi, Volkswagen and Unilever develop and execute sponsorship and marketing platforms around the sport of soccer.  Platforms have leveraged the appeal of the sport on a range of levels including: FIFA World Cup, U.S. Soccer, Mexican National Team, Major League Soccer, UEFA Champions League, and the grassroots soccer infrastructure.

GESM’s highly-regarded publishing division manages localized digital and social content creation in the U.S. for the Premier League and select major European teams.