Epic Risk Management

Safer Gambling Partner

EPIC Risk Management works with many of the world’s leading sporting institutions to ensure that as many people as possible within their jurisdiction have access to vital education programmes to warn them of the risks posed by gambling-related harm. 

Academic research regularly shows that athletes and elite sports players are up to four times more likely to be at risk of developing a problematic gambling addiction than the wider population, highlighting the importance of our work with the likes of the EFL, Jupiler Pro League, NFLPA, NCAA, PCA, RPA and several English Premier League clubs. 

The organisation was founded in lived experience and nearly half of our staff have lived through their own experiences of problem gambling and gambling harm. This unique experience plays an essential role in understanding how to prevent gambling-related harms. 

Through evidence-based harm prevention programmes, strategic advisory and training, we aim to help people make better-informed decisions and remain safe from gambling-related harm and save lives.