Samba Digital’s Sports Translate confirmed as Official Language Services Partner for Soccerex Connected 100

20 May 2021 |
Samba Digital’s Sports Translate confirmed as Official Language Services Partner for Soccerex Connected 100
Soccerex team up with Samba Digital’s Sports Translate for the upcoming Soccerex Connected 100 event this summer, who come on board as the Official Language Services Partner. The virtual event, which takes place from 24th May to 31st August 2021, will involve delegates from over 100 countries, feature over 150 expert speakers and provide more than 2400 hours of networking opportunities to connect businesses with football’s key stakeholders.

International sports marketing agency, Samba Digital, recently launched Sports Translate – a centralised platform for all translation requirements in the sports industry. The service helps manage written, audio or video translation projects from A to Z, with all translation requests from multiple departments on a single, centralised platform. Bringing together the best translators globally, who all specialize in the world of sport, Sports Translate will work alongside Soccerex, providing translation services for Soccerex Connected 100, as the event welcomes delegates from over 100 countries around the world.

As part of Samba Digital’s involvement in Soccerex Connected 100, they will also be hosting a roundtable session on August 5th during the Digital Transformation week of the event, titled: ‘Sports Translate - Soccerex's Official Language Services Provider. Play local, Speak Global!’


Speaking on the inception of this partnership, Samba Digital CEO Frederic Fausser, said:

"We’re really proud of this partnership with Soccerex, a leading event in the global football industry. Sports Translate brings the top sports localisation solutions in the market and we aim to work with and alongside the best in the industry. I'm convinced it will be a long and successful partnership between Soccerex and Samba Digital"


Soccerex Managing Director, Philip Gegan, also gave his thoughts on the new partnership:

“Samba Digital and their Sports Translate product are a great addition to Soccerex events. Our goal is to connect the football world's key stakeholders with the ideas, insights and peers who can drive the development of the game and being able to reach across language barriers quickly, efficiently and accurately is key to this - so working with the team at Samba is a natural fit.”

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