Manchester City & Heineken Collaborate To Remove Plastic Fans

Manchester City & Heineken Collaborate To Remove Plastic Fans
Manchester City have collaborated with HEINEKEN UK as part of a new campaign to remove plastic fans from football.

The #NoPlasticFansHere campaign seeks to remove fans of plastic from football and inspire football fans, venues and the general public to join the sustainability journey.

To commemorate the launch of the campaign, HEINEKEN UK and City have commissioned sculptor Sarah Turner to create a life-sized plastic fans sculpture made entirely of reclaimed recyclable plastic waste, which will be on display at the Etihad Stadium this weekend. 

City has made significant steps on its sustainability journey in recent years, working with suppliers where needed, to develop and adopt more environmentally friendly practices.  

The club has removed all single-use plastics from the Etihad Stadium, resulting in over 1m plastic ups and 500k PET bottles being saved each season.

In addition, the current Premier League champions have had recent success in trialling edible coffee cups, increasing vegan food options and switching to compostable packaging.

Outside of plastic, the club successfully installed a new pitch that recovers two thirds of irrigation, of which 70% is captured rainfall. All watering of the pitch is then 100% rainwater, making significant reductions in water usage. The club also uses electricity from a certified 100% renewable source with zero CO2.  

“Manchester City has developed an active agenda for sustainability which seeks to engage fans, community workforce and partners as we work collaboratively on this journey,” said Pete Bradshaw, City’s Director of Sustainability.

“From the investments made in water reuse and energy efficiency to waste management, consumption and transport futures – the Club has a clear set of values and is committed to change that works for the Club, city and region.

“The #NoPlasticFansHere campaign is a positive and engaging initiative that will hopefully resonate with our fans and raise further awareness of the need to reduce waste and pollution across our neighbourhoods, cities, oceans and planet and we hope that lots of our fans take time to visit the sculptures at this weekend’s fixture.”

HEINEKEN UK is calling on other football clubs, hospitality venues and consumers alike to embrace more sustainable practices, including plastic-free alternatives, and to challenge their suppliers to provide better, greener options.

James Crampton, Corporate Affairs Director for Heineken UK, added: “Over the past 10 years, we have laid a solid foundation with our sustainability strategy, Brew a Better World, which focuses on the environment, social sustainability and responsible consumption.

“However, there is still much work to be done, we are on a journey just like every other business and individual on this planet, to make positive changes to reduce our impact on the planet.

“Together with forward-thinking partners like Manchester City, we hope to inspire others by demonstrating the benefit small changes can have on our planet’s future.

“We hope our #NoPlasticFansHere campaign will do just that and spark a conversation among football fans and the wider public, encouraging more people to choose plastic-free and sustainable options where possible.”

The #NoPlasticFansHere sculptures will be on display at the Etihad Stadium on Saturday 15 January, to communicate the changes being made and the benefits of removing single-use plastic waste.

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