K League shows the way to organise a league during COVID-19

K League shows the way to organise a league during COVID-19
Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, K League managed to launch their 2020 season on 8 th May, by implementing Covid-19 protocols successfully. With global football societies’ attention attracted to the K League, the season went on smoothly.

When the many football leagues had to put up with either suspended or reduced seasons, K League was never suspended and managed to finish the season successfully, becoming a benchmark for organising tournaments while maintaining strict COVID-19 protocols.

Since the end of 2020, K League has devised a new campaign to highlight how they managed to complete the season despite challenges, called ‘K League conversations’. According to the K league officials, this is a series of K league players’ interviews. The interviews are planned to promote the excellency of Covid-19 protocols and to share the real time experiences from current players.

Five foreign foreign players featured in this campaign, including Adam Taggart (Australia), Dejan Damjanovic (Montenegro), Stanislav Iljutcenko (Germany), Doneil Henry (Canada) and Palacios (Colombia). Also, Korea’s Sang-Woo Kang was also involved in this campaign.

In total, 6 episodes of 3 minutes long video contents were produced by ‘DUGOUT’, British football digital media platform and officially funded by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and Korea Sports Promotion Foundation. ‘DUGOUT’ has become K League’s official media partner since last year and has been servicing a variety of K League content, including match highlights.

The campaign was released on 33 different channels worldwide, on K League and DUGOUT’s official social network channels and YouTube and as well as DUGOUT Media partners in 13 countries including Brazil, Germany, UK, and USA.

The videos were watched the most in Brazil, with over 900K views. According to the K League official, DUGOUT has the biggest partner network in Brazil. Brazil was followed by Thailand (430K), Vietnam (310K) and China (300K).

This campaign has certainly boosted K League’s image worldwide and have given a unique platform to showcase of Korean sport, culture and society worldwide.


Originally published by Goal.

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