FC Barcelona Tops 400 Million Followers On Social Media

FC Barcelona Tops 400 Million Followers On Social Media
FC Barcelona has topped 400 million followers on its different social networks, further proof of the club’s spectacular global reach.

The Catalan club is leading the way with a digital ecosystem also coming out top in engagement too.

Facebook is where FC Barcelona has most followers, with no fewer than 136m, closely followed by Instagram with 118m, and Twitter with 71m.

Away from the main social media platforms the club also enjoys huge followings for its women’s football team, the other professional sports, the youth teams, the Barça Foundation, the Barça Academy and the Barça Innovation Hub. And it also has accounts in different languages, as many as eight on Twitter.

In Asia, Barça has also amassed 33m followers on Line. The have 12m on YouTube, where it is the leading football club, and 9m on TikTok.

There are 24m on the club’s other channels, such as Viber and Snapchat, and the China-specific Weibo and Douyin which have 13.5m followers in China, ahead of English clubs Chelsea and Manchester United.

Since 1 July 2020, Barça’s online community has grown by 35m. The main Instagram account (@fcbarcelona) is the one that has grown the most, by 10m, while there has been 101% growth on TikTok.

The content category that has seen the most movement is the Barça women’s team (@fcbfemeni). Their treble winning campaign has led to 62% growth on Twitter and 25% on Instagram.

The club’s content strategy combines news with entertainment along with carefully following trends on each of the platforms in order to provide fans with the kind of content they most enjoy.

In terms of engagement, in 2020, Barça amassed 1,603m likes, shares, retweets and comments. According to Blinkfire data, there were 2,994m views of Barça’s different posts.

Image: fcbarcelona.com

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