Borussia Dortmund and the World Freestyle Football Association kick off the inaugural BVB Global Freestyle Challenge

4 June 2021 |
Borussia Dortmund and the World Freestyle Football Association kick off the inaugural BVB Global Freestyle Challenge
The 2020/2021 DFB-Pokal champion Borussia Dortmund (BVB) and the World Freestyle Football Association (WFFA) announce the launch of the inaugural BVB Global Freestyle Challenge on June 1, 2021. Powered by Evonik, this collaboration aims at bridging the football and freestyle worlds, and further raising awareness of the freestyle football art form.

Calling out BVB fans from all over the world to showcase their creative football skills, three winners will be selected by the public and jury votes to receive special prizes, including merchandise gift boxes worth €600 each.

 “I am delighted to establish this relationship with the WFFA, which comes at a particularly exciting time as we focus much more these days on content creation and digitalization,” said Benedikt Scholz, BVB Head of International & New Business.

Suresh Letchmanan, BVB Managing Director for Asia Pacific, highlighted further: “We are very happy to welcome the WFFA into our BVB family to help us find the best creative and talented BVB freestyler out there, who enjoys showcasing his or her skills as we work towards bringing special experiences to our fans around the world”. 

A think tank team consisting of WFFA’s freestyle experts from around the world have been chosen as the BVB 09 Freestyle Ambassadors. The 09 ambassadors are Alex Mendoza (USA), Torin Lynch (USA), Jannik Singpiel (Germany), Cheny (China), Taehee Kim (South Korea), Valerie Su (Singapore), Phat Nguyen (Vietnam), Zeem Ahmad (Malaysia) and the Freestyle World Champion Erlend Fagerli (Norway).

Dan Wood, Co-Founder & Head of Partnerships at the WFFA, said: "It’s thrilling to launch this great partnership with a legendary club such as Borussia Dortmund. We are certain that this will offer a great opportunity to showcase the amazing skills of the BVB fan community, as well as educating wider audiences about our fantastic, COVID-proof sport”.

Erlend Fagerli, 5-time World Freestyle Champion and one of the nine BVB Freestyle ambassadors, added: “I’m really excited to have teamed up with my freestyle friends around the world and to be working with such a forward-thinking club as BVB. This is the beginning of many great projects that will help us educate the football world about Freestyle”.

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