The Mailman Post COVID-19 Playbook

The Mailman Post COVID-19 Playbook
Mailman has officially released its Post COVID-19 Playbook, focusing on just five of the unique megatrends and behaviours they've observed which are likely to reshape the needs and desires of the Chinese fans, whilst also presenting opportunities for global sport to explore when engaging the Chinese market.

The five megatrends included in the report are:

1. Emerging virtual events - Tentpole events, delivered virtually.
2. International fans prove their value - The pot of gold is monetising your international audiences
3. A healthy lifestyle is priority one - Desire for a strong immune system will drive growth in the health & fitness industry.
4. eLearning is here to stay - Professional training can now be distributed everywhere, immediately.
5. Entertainment, not sports - Sports organisations are entertainment companies first, sports brands second.

Andrew Collins, CEO of Mailman: “We produced this report after observing significant cultural and behavioral shifts by the consumers which many of our global sporting clients wish to engage with. We’re looking at broader macro trends and opportunities that sport properties can embrace post the COVID-19 outbreak, considering that China will likely be the first country back and we're optimistic about the future ahead.”

China is emerging as one of the first countries out of COVID-19, rising much faster than many expected. Around 50 percent of consumers say they are optimistic about the economy recovering 2-3 months after the end of the outbreak.

The best in sport will adapt fast, utilising their resources and capabilities to deliver new experiences in China and beyond as the people slowly get back to a 'new normal.’

The full report is available to download here 


About Mailman
Est 1999. Mailman is Asia’s leading sports digital consultancy and agency. Headquartered in Shanghai, now with teams across Asia we help the best in global sport build audience, community and brand equity. Through this we invest in digital rights, ecommerce and drive partnerships for continued success. 

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