PSG in House of Highlights content collaboration

PSG in House of Highlights content collaboration
French soccer giants Paris Saint-Germain have entered into a content collaboration with Turner-owned Bleacher Report’s House of Highlights (HoH) social video brand.

The collaboration, first covered by Front Office Sports (FOS), grants HoH behind-the-scenes access to the Ligue 1 leaders’ players and facilities.

HoH has already rolled out PSG content featuring Brazilian forward Neymar and is reportedly set to produce interviews with other club stars, as well as behind-the-scenes matchday features and contests for fans.

“Within the sports themselves, you have these incredible moments of individual brilliance and incredible moments of individual highlights that just perform super well on social media,” Doug Bernstein, General Manager of Bleacher Report’s House of Highlights, told FOS.

He added: “These athletes are just stars that transcend the sports themselves. You see that in basketball with LeBron James – and you see that in soccer with Neymar. That in particular really lends itself to a millennial and Gen Z sports audience. It is just the nature of those sports.”

According to FOS, soccer is the fastest-growing sport on HoH, which is better known for its basketball content. However, Bernstein told Forbes that HoH is not currently looking to work with any other clubs beyond PSG.

“I know there are other opportunities to work with other clubs, but PSG is that premium club - they’re more than a club, they really are a brand,” he said. “It’s not about working with a lot of different teams, but it’s finding the brands and teams that share our values that can provide opportunities for us and vice versa.”

Meanwhile, PSG have also signed a multi-year deal with cryptocurrency exchange platform CoinCasso, which becomes an official partner of the club in all markets outside of France.

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