Plans To Open Stadium Doors Offers Europe Wide Encouragement

29 June 2020 | Stadia & Major Events
Plans To Open Stadium Doors Offers Europe Wide Encouragement
While although the early curtailment of Ligue 1 has been mired in controversy and the fallout from the decision, is one that has the potential to drag on for a while, there is reason for collective cheer within the French footballing community. That is because with their Government announcing that from July 11th up to 5,000 supporters can be in attendance for sporting events, it offers the potential for audiences at both the French Cup and League Cup finals.

It may only be a small amount to start with, but from where the country was just a couple of months ago and the subsequent edicts that followed, the prospect of any kind of sporting activity taking place before September was somewhat remote.

Thankfully the more that Science understands how to deal with all things COVID, the more fluid and informed decisions can subsequently be and with French football now prising its doors open, an air of encouragement is sweeping across the whole of Europe.

In addition to that, there is even more reason to be cheerful within France and with the Government announcing a further review of these new measures, attendances could be even higher for the start of the 2020/21 campaign.

Of course, there is a sense of needing to walk before being able to run and the real acid test will be the two showpiece French finals and whether there are any setbacks to plans regarding increased supporter numbers.

While although plans across the rest of Europe are less concrete, there is a sense that the game’s initial fears may eventually prove unfounded and with that, stadiums doors across the continent, will be progressively unlocked before the turn of the year.

Due to each individual nation fighting their own respective battle, there will be little in the sense of uniformity regarding attendance and some grounds will be able to welcome supporters sooner rather than others.

Take the Netherlands for example, the Eredivisie was another competition which decided to cease activity early and with no sporting attendance permitted until a vaccine was found, the prospect of closed door fixtures looked set to be in place for quite a while.

Thankfully that stance has softened somewhat and with the news that the new season will get underway on September 11th, there is also reason to be cheerful if you are supporter of PSV Eindhoven, Feyenoord or any of the other 16 teams in the division.

That is because a similar scale of easing supporters back into the fold, is one that looks set to be approved and although it does come with the caveat that fans cannot sing or chant – to make sure viral droplets are not passed around as easy, the overall decision will prove undoubtedly popular.

With each good news story that it is emerging, it will only reinforce the feeling that the game is now making huge strides in its bid to return to normality and with the likes of Celtic aiming for attendances of around 30,000 by September, it could provide a huge boost within Scotland.

The common link between these three nations, is that they all saw their leagues finish before a usual conclusion and this may have some bearing on the potential of welcoming people earlier than say the Premier League or Bundesliga.

Ultimately, the prospect of empty grounds well into 2021 is thankfully edging out into the distance and although the football’s fragile ecosystem is not out of the woods just yet, it now has good reason to look ahead to a more manageable and more importantly, much louder future.


Written by Dan Tracey

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