Olé no Corona and the fight against COVID-19

17 August 2020 | Social Responsibility
Olé no Corona and the fight against COVID-19
“Olé no Corona” is the first social action in the world to bring together the some of the unique and privileged Brazilians who raised the trophies at the past FIFA World Cups. The campaign has only one objective: to help people most impacted by the coronavirus pandemic in Brazil. Find out more about the social campaign from its founder, Ricardo Setyon

As the numbers of COVID 19 started to show Brazil was about to join the top affected countries, with dramatic figures, the red alert light came on. Something had to be done and something big. And nothing could be done without the number 1 passion in this country: Futebol!

In Brazil, there is a saying: While most people cry, some sell handkerchiefs. The opportunity was there: impressive figures of unemployed, and the financial crisis growing, something had to be done via football. So, in a phone call with the captain of captains of Brazil, Cafu, the deal was done.

And #OléNoCorona was born.

There is no single word within the world of football that is unique and under stable in any language. Not even “ball” or “goal”.

Just one: Olé

Part of songs of victory in Europe, displaying beautiful moves in Spain, and proving a team is making fun or feeling very comfortable during a match in Brazil, Argentina and surrounding countries…..Olé is the essence of positivity, of joy and brings the beauty of football to the 4 corners of the earth.

But Olé is above all meaning, something very unique: it is a dribble, it means leaving an opponent behind, but with class and style.

“Ooooooolééé!”, and so was the cheering heard in the stands of Maracanã when Zico put three defenders behind him…exactly as it was when Garrincha made the opponents dance, from one side to another, while keeping full control of the ball.

Yes: with full control of the ball, Neymar does his magic, confusing and twisting his opponent defenders, and it in one Olé after another.

So we want to make an “Olé” on the impact that the pandemic is bringing upon society, first in Brazil, and then elsewhere.

How to do that “Olé” without superstars, world champions and aces of football? Impossible!

In my years as part of the superb team of Soccerex, I learned that whenever everyone sees something is impossible, it is up to us to go and deliver it.

After 6 months of work, day after day, player after player, it is with huge honor, that I can say that one of my dreams came through:


The very first Social Responsibility online platform using the tool of Football to work as anchor of charity campaigns.

It has to be born in Brazil as we have the highest number of World Champions, and the highest number of World titles.

To impress and have an impact, the challenge put seems impossible: Gather the 5 captains of Brazil who raised the FIFA Cup, in 1958, 1962, 1970, 1994 and 2002.

Bellini, Mauro, Carlos Alberto, have passed away, which made things even harder. 

But after Cafu agreed, Dunga was kind enough to join.

We gathered items, shirts or boots, medals or even shorts: everything as authentic as it can be: it had to come from the heroes themselves.

With amazing support and understanding of the families, the target was achieved: for the very first time in history, the 5 Captains were set together for a unique campaign.

Then we needed the kings: and in no time, #OléNoCorona had superb items of Pelé and Zico.

World Champions now. 

The list started to grow day after day: from Pepe, the “ Cannon “ of Santos, twice World Champion with his club and twice World Champion with Brazil ( who gave us 11 items!!!), to Mauro Silva, Raí, Juninho Paulista, and the list goes on and on.

Ronaldinho Gaucho, still in Paraguay, did not skip the chance, and he is in along with Neymar, who will not only play an active part in the campaign, but he will be donating and publicly supporting.

We focused on the past players that brought Brazil to the standards that it reached today: Zito, Dorval, Clodoaldo, Mengálvio, Edu, and so many others who are often forgotten, but are responsible for Brazil being….Brazil.

#OléNoCorona is more than just stars and champions: it has brought to life a dream of mine: to give back. To give back to society as whole.

So, in the spirit of inclusion, we created the concept of  “360º ” : not only players will be part of the donation of items but coaches, agents, managers, journalists, fans, clubs, entities, governments, everyone who takes part in football is welcome to participate.

That is why we are proud to say that we are opening a very important and needed spot for women in our campaign. We are starting with five of the most important players of the Brazilian women's national team, also one of the most important cultures of the women's side.

René Simões, who took the “Reggae Boyz” from Jamaica to the country’s very first FIFA World Cup in 1998 and won the Olympic Silver medal with Brazil Women national team, is with us.

Amongst the girls, the one and only Formiga: the football player (among men and woman) with the highest participation in World Cups (07) and Olympic Games (06, and secured for Tokyo 2021, her seventh)!

Important facts about the Football SR (Social Responsibility) platform:

  • a good amount of money was put to create a whole new technology for online auctions, all of it donated by a Brazilian firm called Bom Valor
  • For the very first time the “BlockChain” technology is being activated in football, in order to verify and certificate each and every historic item
  • All styles and types of football will be inserted within the campaign: Beach soccer, Futsal, Indoor, Society, etc.
  • Auctioneers will donate their work, not charging for their work, and auctions are secured and have a specific date, until end of February 2021
  • #OléNoCorona is the first and only Social Responsibility platform in the world that will distribute 10.000 ( ten thousand!) protection masks for homeless people, delivery bikers and other front line personnel
  • All the funds gathered through the auctions will be audited by an important local NGO ( Brilhante Institute), and only after it it, the funds will be relocated to the 5 entities chosen to be supported
  • There is also, active, since day 1, an online fund gathering, for those interested in donating beyond the auctions

What is decisive, is that we have important supports, such as the most representative Regional Football Association in Brazil, the São Paulo Football Federation, and the essential World Champions Association of Brazil. 

For me, personally, a dream is coming through. Now that we have the first international player, the best footballed ever in Chile, captain Elias Figueroa, the gates are opened to the World.


The dynamics of the SR Platform is the very essence of it: today #OléNoCorona, can mutate, and be changed for whichever goal we decide to aim.




And so on…


#Olé….and Football now can have a central platform to help and support those in need

Free and independent of politics, commercial or any other formal connection that may create obstacles. 

Will you join #OléNoCorona ?


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