LaLiga tops 100m social media followers

LaLiga tops 100m social media followers
LaLiga, the organising body for Spanish soccer’s top two flights, has surpassed 100 million followers across its social platforms.

The organisation currently has 22 profiles on 12 different social media platforms including Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and 11 channels on Twitter, including a dedicated esports profile, engaging with a global audience in more 15 languages.

LaLiga also has a presence on four platforms in China, Weibo, WeChat, Douyin and Toutiao; two in Russia, including OK and VKontakte; as well as the communications app Line that is popular in Japan, Thailand, and Indonesia.

Since launching a digital strategy in 2013, LaLiga has reached some notable milestones including its 2018 media rights deal with Facebook covering live broadcast of all LaLiga matches on the Indian subcontinent. That same year, LaLiga surpassed the Premier League, English soccer’s top flight, and the National Basketball Association (NBA) in terms of follower numbers on that platform.

LaLiga also claims to be the first soccer body in the world to reach five million subscribers on its YouTube channel.

Around seven million of LaLiga’s social followers are based in Spain, its most in one region. The league also has a high concentration of followers in Indonesia (5.2 million), India (5.1 million), Mexico (five million), Brazil (4.7 million), as well as China and Egypt (four million.)   

Alfredo Bermejo, LaLiga’s Digital Strategy Director, said: “Passing this digital milestone is an achievement which should be framed within LaLiga’s wide-reaching international growth strategy. We’ve gone from having 3.9 million followers at the end of the 2013/14 season to over 100 million today, a record figure reached with an average of 47,000 new followers per day.”

He added: “This success is without doubt down to the team behind LaLiga’s social media channels and to the departments that support their growth. They have known how to adapt to our followers’ interests and needs to offer them engaging, quality content, which has in turn strongly positioned LaLiga both nationally and internationally.” 

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