LaLiga Restart – What Did We Learn?

LaLiga Restart – What Did We Learn?
With the Bundesliga blazing a trail for major European leagues to conclude their respective seasons, the rest of the continent is now preparing to follow suit and with LaLiga having now arisen from its deep sleep, it can be a viewed as another success story in the continent’s overall restart plans.

The fact that football has returned to Spain will be welcome relief for a nation that lost a considerable amount of life to the coronavirus pandemic and any steps that can return the country to normality, will no doubt be welcomed with opened arms.

With any league that moots plans to play out a conclusion, there is always the sensitive topic of whether sport pales into comparison to the surroundings it now finds itself in and although this is a point that was heavily debated, no one can undervalue the feelgood factor a return can bring.  

A return that got underway with the Seville derby and although the product on the pitch was an entertaining watch, the focus did waver from time to time and that’s because of the holograms that were beamed around the playing field’s perimeter.

Due to fans not being granted access to the Ramon Sanchez Pizjuan, there was always going to be a dilemma regarding how to accentuate the televisual product for armchair supporters around the world.

A dilemma that was solved via the projection of digital fans (albeit they did look somewhat primitive) and the piping in of crowd noise, in a similar guise to that of the fixtures that have recently taken place in Germany.

While although the blocks of 3D supporters may have looked a little rough around the edges and crowd noise is still taking time to get used to, anything that can help the viewing experience overall should be commended.

Then again, this display of innovation is not necessarily all Sevilla’s doing and with an edict coming from above, failure to not add digital enhancements around the stadium, could have led to a subsequent fine from LaLiga themselves.

While it could be more than a fine that is handed out in Mallorca and with the Son Moix being invaded by one solitary fan during their home tie against Barcelona, both the club and the man in question are set to be punished.

For Real Mallorca, they will have to answer the accusation of not keeping their stadium secure during the game and for the pitch invader, his moment with Messi may even mean a stint behind bars.

An action such as this, could be explained by sheer exuberance and if it were earlier in the season, the likelihood would be a slap on the wrist and a probable stadium ban to go with it. However, with such strict attendance rulings now in place, an example will now have to be set.

Obviously, fans want to be attending matches as soon as possible and although that impatience is understandable from a passionate point of view, they cannot be breaking strict medical protocols either.

With no more than 300 persons allowed within any matchday environment, the last thing that LaLiga now need is copycat invasions between now and the end of the season and the only way to nullify that threat, is to clamp down hard on the initial rulebreaker.

The condemnation was quick and swift, as after the game a LaLiga spokesman said:

“LaLiga will file criminal actions against the invader who entered the pitch without permission and broke the protocols established in current health legislation and disobeyed the orders of private security personnel,” a statement said. “His actions constitute a crime.”

“LaLiga wants to express its absolute condemnation of this type of conduct that jeopardises the health of others and the integrity of the competition.”

Therefore, the message is clear and although football is finally back in Spain, fans are going to have to a little longer to see them up close and personal. It may not be a popular decision, but no one can argue about its validity either.


 Written by Dan Tracey

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