LaLiga Global Fútbol News: LaLiga's international audience rises by almost 50%

29 June 2020 |
LaLiga Global Fútbol News: LaLiga's international audience rises by almost 50%
According to figures from consultants Nielsen Sports, LaLiga Santander's international audience increased on the first matchday of the competition following the forced hiatus. Across Africa, viewing figures rose by 73% while India saw an increase of 72%.

LaLiga Santander increased its international viewing figures by more than 48% on the first matchday (Matchday 28) after the competition resumed following the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to international consultants Nielsen Sports and based on preliminary official viewing figures and estimates, international audiences during live games on Matchday 28 showed a significant rise compared to the average from the first 27 matchdays of the season.

Some regions of the world saw extremely sharp increases in viewing figures on the first matchday after the restart. For example, in Africa there was a rise of over 73%, while in specific countries such as South Africa the increase amounted to more than 210%.

In Asian countries such as India, where LaLiga is broadcast on Facebook, an increase of over 72% was detected.

In Europe, the uptick was over 56%, with countries such as Belgium (over 130%) and Denmark (over 46%) of particular note.

LaLiga President Javier Tebas said: "At Liga we feel privileged to be able to take to the field again and we're very happy to have the opportunity to offer live sports entertainment at a time when there are few events like this around the world. We hope that other competitions in other regions will also start soon, because it's important for the fans and the industry." 

“We're grateful to all of the fans who've followed LaLiga for the restart, because we've all worked hard to offer them entertainment again," he continued.

Oscar Mayo, LaLiga's director of business, marketing and international development, added: "We're very pleased with the exponential growth in the figures for LaLiga's international audience. We knew that fans around the world were keen to enjoy the excitement and entertainment we offer. Achieving a rise of almost 50% in our international audience is a reflection of the hard work put in by our international broadcasters, the clubs and the competition itself over these last few months."

Growth in Spain
In addition to the exponential growth in LaLiga's international audiences, LaLiga also experienced an increase in viewing figures in Spain. The official figures show an increase in Spanish viewers of over 12% during the first matchday back compared to those before the league was suspended.

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