Juventus united fan clubs & J-squad across China with first-ever interactive game show

Juventus united fan clubs & J-squad across China with first-ever interactive game show
The show reached a total viewership of ​11.2M, 30K engagements, and 2M Reads​. The ​J-Squad​ is the ​first-ever Asia-wide fan-leader program​ by an international football club. Juventus has a record ​37 Official Fan Clubs in China​, more than any other European football club. The club united its China fan community in the form of an interactive football game show, becoming  the ​first-ever European football club to produce​ an entertainment initiative like this in China. Outside of Italy, China is the country with the ​most​ Official Juventus Fan Clubs.

Reigning Serie A champions Juventus has rewarded its dedicated China fan  community by launching the first-ever interactive game show produced by a European football club. Official  J-Squad members, along with the 37 Official Supporters Clubs and rest of the club’s fans in China, were all  welcome to join in the festivities online and take part in the online game show. Outside of Italy, China is the  country with the most Official Juventus Fan Clubs.   

Luca Adornato, Head of Marketing at Juventus​: “​It’s more important than ever right now for us to be  delivering original and creative content for fans in China, and across Asia. We’re tailoring our content  specifically for each region in order to allow our fans to feel closer to the club and become more actively  involved.

Having the J-Squad integrated in the game show creates more touchpoints for the club as cumulatively they  have a social following of more than 5 million, meaning more fans can become further engaged. The recent  live stream was a great platform to give our fans a voice and have them involved with our events, especially  during a time when there are no live matches ​ .”   

Federico Palomba Managing Director, APAC at Juventus​: “​The club opened an official office in Hong Kong  last year to bring us even closer to our fans, partners, and media friends. It’s been a tough time for all during  the COVID-19 period, and that's why we’ve been working hard to deliver inspiring and entertaining content  for our fans to keep spirits high and strengthen the connection with the club.

China is a key strategic market for Juventus, the club has invested a lot of time and resources to get us to  where we are today. But we never stop or sit back. The team is always excited to visit China and we’ll  certainly look to return soon following last year’s incredible summer tour and wonderful reception from the  fans.”   

During a period of no live sport where community and fan engagement are more important than ever,  Juventus brought together its fan leaders and fan clubs around the country for an evening of fun and  entertainment. Throughout the two-hour live stream game show, fans were put into teams and competed  against each other.   

The game show was formatted as an ‘online football match’, divided into two halves, with half-time, and a  post-match review. The host acted as referee, guests as the players, and online audience as the coaches.  The show was moderated by a host who handed out the questions & answers, while the audience online  were responsible for voting in polls that determined the outcome of the game show. The half-time show was  particularly important as it recognised and included videos of the club’s fans as volunteers, doctors and  nurses who were on the frontlines in China during the fight against COVID-19.     

At the end of the show, the team with the highest number of ‘goals’ won the episode. Online users and  viewers actively joined the game show through the dedicated hashtag and online Weibo polls. The episode  was broadcast LIVE on the Juventus Official Weibo Account (via Yizhibo), WeChat, and on Douyin. This  episode marked the first time a European football club has produced such an entertainment format in China.   

China is a key strategic market for Juventus. The club launched an official office in Hong Kong in December  2019, and is currently active on four social media platforms: Weibo, WeChat, Douyin, and Toutiao, with 4M  total followers. Last summer, Juventus visited China on tour - During the 2019 China Tour, the club initiated  the J-Squad program, a group of local fan leaders, influencers and celebrities which generated a total of  50M video views on Weibo. The club also produced the spectacular Juventus Village in Shanghai - a 1,500  sq-ft fan experience hub at the foot of the iconic Oriental Pearl Tower 

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