FIFA Open Their Windows To More Transfer Flexibility

FIFA Open Their Windows To More Transfer Flexibility
While although football around the world is finally awakening once more, the pause in proceedings has edged the game’s global calendar out of sync and although the rescheduling of fixture lists has not proved too difficult, there are still plenty of other issues to solve.

With so many leagues treading their own paths, it has meant a lack of uniformity in terms of decision making and this has seen either leagues fold early or been delayed until the last possible moment, before a restart can then get underway.

This means there is a lack of cohesion from one league to the next and when you consider that the summer transfer window is set to open soon, it creates all manner of logistical headaches for the game’s governing bodies.

For leagues such as Ligue 1, Dutch Eredivisie, or Scottish Premiership, they have a far greater opportunity (revenue issues notwithstanding) to now recruit new talent, if only because they know that their 2019/20 campaigns have reached a premature conclusion.

However, they and a handful of other European leagues cannot operate and trade within a microcosm and for the transfer window to operate with its usual cross-continental fluidity, a solution has had to be found.

Therefore, how do you solve a problem where competitive leagues no longer run parallel? You offer flexibility within the transfer window and in doing so, FIFA have greenlit the ability for clubs and players to make deals before the end of this current season.

Of course, if you are Marseille or Motherwell, the season has already ended. However, if we take the season’s end in the broader sense and allow the remaining leagues to play catch up, it does at least ease any potential logjam.

Not only that, but the window is not just open for business for 2019/20, it will also enable clubs to trade players at the start of the following campaign and this has created a duel-season transfer window.

Admittedly this is not something that the game has seen before, but with flexibility and pragmatism required in equal measures, this forward thinking from FIFA is an act that has been universally well received.

By offering this element of flexibility, it allows competitions such as the Premier League and LaLiga to now install their own transfer window dates and in doing so, means that there is an element of short-term security for clubs and players alike.

In terms of the English top flight, they have decided that no transfers can be made before July 25th and in doing so, it avoids any controversy that may come with a player changing clubs with a week or two left to play.

The decision from FIFA is one that just allows a sense of normality within what is always a highly frantic time of the year and although the market may look a lot different within the next couple of months, it will be business as usual – or as usual as can be in this current climate.

In addition to that, there has also been a relaxation in the rules regarding how many clubs a player can play for during anyone season. With the previous rule allowing two different employers, that has been extended to three.

Whether this is a permanent switch remains to be seen, although even if it does eventually revert back to just two clubs per season, the temporary flexibility and more importantly, the increase in potential suitors for players, will be something that is very much welcomed.


Written by Dan Tracey

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