Deportivo Look To Halt Decline Down The Divisions

Deportivo Look To Halt Decline Down The Divisions
The concept of promotion and relegation within football has been in existence for more than a century and in the running of leagues all over the world, it is a simple case of entities going up and replacing those that go down. This fluidity within the ranks, is one of the underlying principles of the beautiful game and something that allows clubs, no matter their size, the dream of one day reaching the most upper echelons of competitive action.

Of course, there are some countries in which a one tier setup is in place and although the clamour for the trapdoor is growing in both the MLS and A-League communities, a safety net is still very much in place within their league structures.

While although in any normal season, the drop down to a level before would be a bitter pill to swallow, these past few months, and the current climate we find ourselves in, has been the source for heated debate across Europe.

Where leagues have folded early, contention has been at large, while you only have to look as far Scotland or Belgium, to see how the rows are still rumbling on and a resolution is yet to be found with a new season just around the corner.

On the face of it, the Spanish game looked like it was immune from such problems and with Real Madrid recently lifting the La Liga crown, the season was eventually played out to a rightful conclusion.

Unfortunately, things are not as simple lower down the chain and with the Segunda Liga missing out one final fixture to complete the set, it has opened a maelstrom of displeasure and the potential for further football litigation.

Deportivo La Coruna find themselves as the unfortunate party in all of this and with their final game of the season being postponed due to COVID-19, they believed that it would eventually be rescheduled and a full set of 42 league outings would be played.

While the desire for a rescheduling of their clash with Fuenlabrada would be even more pertinent for Deportivo, as the 2000 champions of La Liga, found themselves occupying the final place in the Segunda Liga relegation zone.

On the face of it, there was a simple way to get out of it, should Deportivo win their final game of the domestic season, they would stay up at the expense of Numancia. However, there is a rather substantial twist in the tale.

The remaining fixture was never played and now, will not be played whatsoever and because of this, the one-time labelled ‘Super Depor’ are now facing demotion to the third tier of Spain’s league setup. Then again, they will do so, with a fight off the pitch rather than on it.

With several Deportivo players testing positive for coronavirus and the isolation that would subsequently follow, it would have made any attempt to get a fully fit squad together somewhat difficult, let alone win the game itself.

What did not help their cause is the fact that relegation rivals, Lugo and Albacete both won on what is considered to be the final day of the campaign and in doing so, they found themselves clear of the bottom three.

A pair of results and a whole round of fixtures that Deportivo president Fernando Vidal believes should be expunged and if the playing field were levelled in this way, the ignominy of relegation would not have to be suffered.

A viewpoint not shared by the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) and with their stance being as it currently is, it only means more money for the sporting lawyers, as they now look to untangle another end of season headache.

Ultimately, with these and similar scenarios being so unprecedented, what is the right fall out from them? Yes, the decision by the RFEF seems incredibly harsh, but they have player welfare to consider and after mitigating the risk involved, playing out the season was not deemed as possible.

Had Deportivo being lying comfortably in mid-table and with nothing to play for on the final day, this would not be so much of an issue. Of course, with so much at stake and a ruling that has gone against them, the Galician outfit will not be taking their impending relegation lying down.


Written by Dan Tracey

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