Brazil’s Serie A Looks For August Greenlight

Brazil’s Serie A Looks For August Greenlight
While although several European leagues have managed to return to the playing field and attempt to play out the rest of this current season, the picture has been slightly different in other corners of the globe. None more so, than in Brazil and with a death toll that has currently claimed no fewer than 55,000 people at present, the grip that COVID-19 has on the country, is one that has put footballing action on the backburner.

With each nation taking a different approach, to not only how the battle with coronavirus is carried out, but also how sport re-enters day to day life, it seems as if Brazil have not gone down the same path as the Chinese authorities and their aim for zero-tolerance with the virus.

As Brazil continues to fight its way out of the pandemic, The Brazilian FA (CBF) will be aware that aiming to wait for near total eradication, would only further delay any scheduling plans and instead, they will have to proceed while the risk of infection is still rather prevalent.

That’s not to say that any plans for a restart are deemed to be reckless, it is more the mitigating of risk and with European football leading the way, there are countless examples of the game being played in a safe environment.

Examples such as the Bundesliga or the Premier League, will certainly have given the CBF increased confidence over the past few weeks and although the Brazilian backdrop is not all that bright at present, a new domestic season will at least give their populace something to look forward to.

While even though the new season has been put back a number of months, there looks to be nothing in the way of scaling down and a full league programme has been earmarked, alongside the Copa do Brasil, which is scheduled for a start in the second week of August.

Brazil’s senior domestic cup competition will run parallel to a league programme which starts that same week and runs all the way until February 2021, as both Serie A and B look to play out a full 20 team league schedule over 38 gameweeks.

In any talks regarding league restarts, much has been made regarding where games should be played out and whether home advantage may have to be ceded, to subsequently ease any potential scheduling logjams.

While although the need for neutral venues or swapping fixtures has been avoided within Europe, it does seem as if some calendar tweaks are going to have to be made in Brazil’s Serie A, as the health concerns differ from state to state.

As many as nine different states are represented in Brazil’s top league and with such varying levels of crisis management at present, the ability to add flexibility to the planned fixture calendar will certainly be required in the first few months of the new season.

While it is state level football, which has also caused a number of issues as of late and with the way the Brazilian season is geared each year, it is the regional competitions that act as the precursor to the national league setup.

Rio’s Carioca tournament had gotten underway with a pair of fixtures contested, but with ever growing health concerns within the region, a temporary pause had been put in place and although it looks set to resume soon, it only further highlights the dangers involved with competitive sport at present.

Thankfully though, the brief pause at regional level, is not going to derail the CBF’s plans for a full league schedule to take place and although Brazil is far from out of the woods, domestic football will at least offer some form of temporary respite and a real reason for the nation to be cheerful.

Written by Dan Tracey

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