Barca Edge Out Real in LaLiga Lockdown POWA Rankings

Barca Edge Out Real in LaLiga Lockdown POWA Rankings
DataPOWA Ltd has today released a list of the LaLiga teams as ranked by POWA index score during the global lockdown. Analysis of multiple datasets across digital platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Google, Bing & Baidu reveal which teams are leveraging digital and mobile most effectively during the unprecedented pause in sport.

The top two teams are no surprise, Barcelona outpacing Real Madrid for 1st place, the clubs are locked in their usual battle for the LaLiga title, and both have continued to engage and grow their audience on social and have been the subject of the transfer speculation involving the world's best players, a subject that has dominated the football media due to the lack of live football.

3rd placed Athletic Bilbao have reached the Copa del Rey Final against fierce local rivals Real Sociedad (6th place), so there is plenty of excitement for fans of both Basque teams, though the Spanish football federation says the final will only take place when fans are allowed back into stadiums, which could be later in the year.

4th place Getafe have outgunned some much bigger teams in the list and are playing their best football of recent years. The Azulones are in contention for Champions League football next season and are due to play Inter Milan the Europa League, with a mini tournament now scheduled in August. 

DataPOWA C.E.O. Michael Flynn said: “The Covid-19 lockdown has given us interesting results in LaLiga, Barca & Real Madrid are undeniably the two biggest clubs in sport globally and are experts at harnessing their global fanbases via digital and social media. The two Basque teams are having their own battle this season and it has really ignited the passion of their fans, with the rivalry being played out online during the lockdown.”

LaLiga and other top global league lockdown rankings are available ‘free to view’ on POWA index here.

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