After 25 years, the industry is still Soccerex Connected

After 25 years, the industry is still Soccerex Connected
In line with the new realities faced in sports and events, Soccerex today announced a new virtual event – Soccerex Connected – to be held September 21-25 this year for the worldwide football community, bringing together the global leaders of the game on a dedicated platform.

2020 marks Soccerex’s 25th year of operations, and as the industry emerges from its most turbulent period, this unmatched experience will prove vital in spreading knowledge, best practise and re-forging the connections between stakeholders which will be vital to the adjustment and future success of football business.  

In shaping this new event format, priority was given to providing opportunities to connect delegates with AI matching, targeted meetings, roundtables and virtual exhibition all generating additional ROI and forming the key networking elements available to attendees. The event will be spread over five days to best accommodate the global audience and will host a programme covering relevant topics such as; fan engagement, diversified club and tournament revenue models, youth development off the pitch, performance optimisation, VAR application, the changing agency landscape, stadium design and esports, which will be broadcast to the 2,000 expected attendees keen to learn, network and do business at Soccerex once again.

The September placement is ideal for sharing assessments and insights of the various mitigations and strategies being implemented currently, with the clearer outlook of what shape the game will ultimately take underpinning useful and actionable learnings. This has required the moving of Soccerex Europe - originally scheduled for the same period in Oeiras - to 2021.

Commenting on the launch, Soccerex Managing Director Philip Gegan said:

“Football is on the path to recovery, but this has – and continues to be – an incredibly challenging period for the international football family we serve. To be able to provide this premium platform at a key time in the journey back to ‘normality’ to support our clients is a point of pride for us, whilst still prioritising safety for our international constituents. We’ve been going for 25 years and as always we’ll be there to help the beautiful game succeed – whether that is at physical events, virtual events, consultancy or through the array of market insight products we produce.”

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About Soccerex

Soccerex was co-founded by Rita Revie and her late husband, Duncan Revie, son of the legendary Leeds United and England manager, Don Revie in 1995 with the aim of connecting the football industry’s key industry stakeholders and promoting the growth of the game worldwide. 

25 years, 48 events and 21 cities later, the model is still going strong, with events featuring a conference, combining market insight and best practice delivered through expert panel discussions and presentations, structured around an international exhibition and a programme of networking events.

In addition, Soccerex provide industry news and insight in the form of the Soccerexpert industry news bulletins and bespoke market insight such as the Soccerex 20 Under 21 Report and the Soccerex Football Finance 100.

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