A Look Ahead To A New LaLiga Season

7 September 2020 | Clubs & Rightsholders
A Look Ahead To A New LaLiga Season
With a new European club season on the horizon, the continent’s elite are shaping up for another attempt at the pursuit of glory and although LaLiga’s finest failed to win the most recent edition of the Champions League, there was continental success elsewhere. The relationship between the Europa League and Sevilla has been reinforced in the past few weeks and with the Andalusian outfit winning the trophy (or its previous UEFA Cup guise) for an unprecedented sixth time, Julen Lopetegui’s men will be afforded the ability celebrate their efforts.

With that said, they will not be able to celebrate for all that long and with the 2020/21 edition of Spain’s top tier getting underway on Friday September 11th, domestic matters will once again come to the forefront.

Matters that will likely involve a bridging of the gap between they and the likes of Real Madrid and Barcelona and although expectations within the Sevilla camp will be high, the reality is that the status quo within LaLiga will most likely remain.

A duopoly that has seen the archest of rivals land 15 of the last 16 editions of the competition between them and although Atletico Madrid managed to bloody their collective noses back in 2013/14, there is a sense of the more things change, the more things stay the same.

Then again, if there is change it could be seismic within Catalunya and with the football world baiting its breath regarding all things Lionel Messi, the Camp Nou is bracing itself for what would be its biggest departure ever.

Should that prove to be the case, it will be a huge blow to Ronald Koeman and with the man who scored the winning goal in the 1992 European Cup Final now charged with bringing the good times back to Barcelona, that task could be far greater than first imagined.

Whether Messi is at his disposal or not, many will wonder if Barcelona have reached the end of their current lifecycle and with a painful rebuilding job now looking like the first course of action, the former Dutch international manager has seemingly been thrown in the deep end.

Which means if there is a sense of sink or swim for Barcelona’s latest managerial incumbent, the waters are far calmer at the Santiago Bernabeu and when you consider the usual soap opera that takes place in the capital, one wonders if things are almost a little too calm.

Where Barcelona faltered, Real Madrid found multiple higher gears after the restart and under the watchful eye of Zinedine Zidane, Los Blancos will be hoping that a brief hiatus does not halter any previous positive momentum.

Of course, Real Madrid have a potential transfer saga of their own and with Gareth Bale making the kind of noises that get Premier League outfits excited, this could be a real test of his desire to play a considerable amount of minutes next season.

With the eyewatering wage that the Welsh forward currently commands, it may make any potential exit a little difficult and if Bale truly feels like a return to English football is on the agenda, a pay cut may have to follow.

Then again, for someone who has won the absolute lot, there is always a sense of where to go from here and although the Golf courses of Madrid usually offer some form of sanctuary, his footballing talents command a large and more regular stage.

As always, Diego Simeone will be looking to be the third spoke in any LaLiga title tripod and although they were a little off the pace last season, the Red and White half of Madrid can take solace in reaching the last eight of the Champions League.

They will be ready to pounce, if the opportunity arises but with Real Madrid seemingly having their house in order and that’s regardless of whether their Welsh wizard finds new pastures or not, a 35th LaLiga crown for the defending champions looks like being the eventual order of the day.


Written by Dan Tracey

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