Report: Tottenham stadium to open for March Crystal Palace clash

Report: Tottenham stadium to open for March Crystal Palace clash
Club confirm games will continue to be played at Wembley through February.

English soccer outfit Tottenham Hotspur could make their long-awaited move to their new stadium in time to face Premier League rivals Crystal Palace on 16th March, according to UK newspaper the Daily Mail.

The report comes with the club revealing in a fresh update that the London club is to continue playing at Wembley throughout February.

Domestic games against Watford, Newcastle United and Leicester City, as well as the Champions League clash with Borussia Dortmund, will all take place at the home of England’s national side, with a potential FA Cup fifth-round home tie also to be played there.

Club Chairman Daniel Levy is apparently hoping to finally open the new ground in March. Tottenham face Arsenal on 2nd March, but the potential both for disorder and a curtain-raising defeat means club officials are reportedly reluctant to sanction the traditionally feisty North London derby as the stadium’s first game.

Therefore, the Premier League clash with Palace two weeks later has emerged as the most likely candidate for the official opening of a venue that was initially scheduled to open in September 2018. Issues with the venue’s critical safety systems have led to several delays and created a backlog in scheduling the necessary test events to pass checks.

On the latest stadium update, Levy said: “I should like to apologise to our fans and thank you for your continued patience. The response from those who attended the familiarisation event was great to hear and reinforced our commitment to deliver an exceptional matchday experience for everyone.

“We shall now seek clarity in respect of building test schedules and test event dates and provide further information on these in the next two to three weeks.”

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