Report: Liverpool only guaranteed UK£30m per year from Nike kit deal

Report: Liverpool only guaranteed UK£30m per year from Nike kit deal
Liverpool’s proposed new kit deal with US sportswear giant Nike is only worth a guaranteed UK£30 million (US$37 million) per year, according to High Court papers seen by the Times.

The figure is in stark contrast to the previously reported UK£70 million (US$86 million) per year figure for the Nike deal. Instead, this reported base figure is less than Liverpool’s existing UK£45 million (US$55 million) annual deal with New Balance, which is taking the club to court claiming a contract clause means it can match Nike’s terms.

It is also less than the minimum UK£50 million (US$61 million) per year deals Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur have with Nike, as well as the UK£71 million per year agreement the brand struck with French champions Paris Saint-Germain in June. 

However, Liverpool apparently believe Nike can deliver far greater total revenue for the club than has been generated by their deal with New Balance. This is reflected by a commitment from Nike in the proposed deal to pay the club a 20 per cent royalty on net sales of Liverpool products. It would also promote the club through other influential athletes, such as Serena Williams and LeBron James, and popular musicians associated with the company, including rapper Drake.

In addition, the report says Nike will distribute a new kit through ‘6,000 global doors’, compared to New Balance’s 3,000.

The true commercial heft of Nike’s deal will likely depend heavily on Liverpool’s continued success on the pitch to help drive sales, which saw them claim the UEFA Champions League last season. They currently sit top of the Premier League with a perfect record this campaign.

In response, New Balance believes it can meet demand for Liverpool kit, having delivered tow of the biggest selling home kits for fans. A three-day trial to settle the legal dispute has been listed from 18th October.

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