PSG confirms Visit Rwanda training kit deal

PSG confirms Visit Rwanda training kit deal
Paris Saint-Germain have signed a three-year partnership with the Rwanda Development Board (RDB) for branding on French soccer champions’ training kit.

Paris Saint-Germain have signed a three-year partnership with the Rwanda Development Board (RDB) for branding on French soccer champions’ training kit.

The deal also sees the Visit Rwanda logo gain visibility on the sleeve of the PSG women’s teams playing kits, across the club’s digital platforms and featured prominently at the Parc des Princes stadium, where all tea and coffee now served will be exclusively from the African nation.

The club boast 70 million fans globally and the Visit Rwanda campaign is also hoping to tap into that popularity with a new ‘Rwanda Week’ event in Paris is set to promote products made in the nation. PSG will also organise training programmes for both coaches and young players in the country.

PSG’s Chief Partnerships Officer, Marc Armstrong, said: “With this partnership, we will deepen our engagement with fans in Africa. This multifaceted collaboration will showcase all Rwanda has to offer and create powerful partnerships to contribute to Rwanda’s impressive growth. 

“We are incredibly excited about the opportunity to create a platform for exchange between Rwanda, France and the rest of the world.”

As the partnership continues, a number of young and eco-responsible brands are set to join the two to create what PSG describe as ‘exciting tripartite collaborations’.

RDB Chief Executive, Clare Akamanzi, added: “We invest part of our tourism revenues in strategic collaborations such as the one with PSG because we understand the positive effect they have on the overall perception of the country globally.

“This means attracting more tourism, boosting the export of Made in Rwanda products, creating more economic opportunities for our people and increasing jobs in our tourism industry and the larger ecosystem.

“Today, 142,000 Rwandans are directly employed in the tourism industry, up from 90,000 in 2017. Last year Rwanda received 1.7 million visitors to the country and we expect more this year.”

RDB’s other major soccer partnership is with English club Arsenal. Back in August, the RDB has said its sleeve sponsorship deal, signed in May 2018, had resulted in tourism benefits worth around UK£36 million (US$44 million) in just one year. The three-year contract with the Premier League club is worth a reported UK£30 million (US$37 million) over its duration.

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