Budweiser’s NWSL campaign calls on more brands to sponsor league

Budweiser’s NWSL campaign calls on more brands to sponsor league
Anheuser Busch InBev (AB InBev) beer giant Budweiser has launched a new campaign calling on more brands to sponsor the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL).

Budweiser signed its own multi-year sponsorship deal with the NWSL in July to become the official beer of North America’s premier women’s soccer league, and is now activating the partnership to help find more commercial partners for the competition.

The new campaign, called ‘Future Official’, features ad spots highlighting NWSL sponsorship categories that are still available to companies, such as the official timepiece, official restaurant and official deodorant of the league.

A special website has been launched for the campaign that allows fans to pre-pledge support across nine different categories for ‘should-be’ sponsors of the league. The campaign also encourages supporters to target specific brands by tagging them on social media.

The move comes at a time when the NWSL has been enjoying an increase in coverage and popularity on the back of the USA’s second consecutive win at the Fifa Women’s World Cup. The league has broken several attendance records in the months after the tournament, while it has also secured international and domestic coverage through a broadcast deal with ESPN.

“When the USWNT returned from France, the next step was making sure fans continued to support women’s soccer on a year-round basis,” Monica Rustgi, Vice President of Marketing for Budweiser, was quoted as saying by Forbes. “And they answered our rally cry by supporting the NWSL with both record attendance and viewership this year.

“Now, with the ‘Future Official Sponsor’ campaign, we turn to other brands and encourage them to support the league like passionate fans.”

The NWSL currently lists five official sponsors, which along with Budweiser include apparel company Nike, health and technology company Thorne, television channel Lifetime and insect repellent brand Cutter. Major League Soccer (MLS), by comparison, displays 24 sponsors on its website.

The campaign comes in the same week that the NWSL launched a multi-year consulting and strategy partnership with international sports agency Octagon, which will now advise the league on its media rights, sponsorship and marketing.

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