Borussia Dortmund sign official TikTok partnership

Borussia Dortmund sign official TikTok partnership
German football club Borussia Dortmund have become an official partner to the short-form video platform TikTok.

German football club Borussia Dortmund have become an official partner to the short-form video platform TikTok.

The Bundesliga outfit are among several high-profile European football teams to launch their own TikTok channel in recent weeks but have now taken that relationship to the next level by aligning with the platform, in a deal mediated by marketing agency Lagardère Sports.

Dortmund will now have an additional way to engage with its fanbase via advertising and promotional content on the platform, extending beyond its own social feed, with virtual advertising also included in Europe as part of the deal, according to German news outlet W&V.

The collaboration between Dortmund and TikTok will initially run for a year, starting with April 27th’s fixture against Schalke. It permits the club increased exposure to TikTok’s growing user base, which reached 4.1 million and 6.5 billion monthly video downloads in Germany, according to the company. TikTok also claims its ratio of female to male users is 54 to 46, and that daily usage time is 39 minutes, across an average of eight daily sessions.

Carsten Cramer, Dortmund’s managing director, said: "The video app TikTok offers us new creative possibilities to let our fans participate in the BVB experience and to exchange ideas with them.

“We will also this year's USA summer tour of BVB on TikTok Documenting with numerous video clips and bringing the fans very close to the action.”

Stefan Heinrich , TikTok’s head of global marketing, added: "The partnership with BVB is a great way for us to bring the TikTok brand further into the market and make it visible to our users not only online but also in the real world.

“We can also create new members for the TikTok community, who get to know a different kind of real, unfiltered video with us - and document their fan relationship with BVB in an inimitable way."

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