Borussia Dortmund follow Arsenal onto blockchain app

28 March 2019 | Broadcasting & New Media
Borussia Dortmund follow Arsenal onto blockchain app
Top-flight German soccer club Borussia Dortmund have linked up with blockchain specialist Fantastec to be featured on the company’s digital collectibles platform.

SWAP will allow fans of the Bundesliga outfit to discover, collect and trade licensed club content such as player autographs and exclusive video. Fans can also build their collections through purchasing in-app team packs.

The platform allows fans to swap content safely and securely online and also includes social network-like features to enable fans to feel the same levels of confidence and trust as if trading in-person.

Dortmund follow English soccer side Arsenal in signing up to the SWAP platform, after the Premier League outfit became the first soccer club to team up with Fantastec back in February.

“Given our fan first mentality at Fantastec we had to have this unique product available to one of Europe’s most passionate fanbases,” said Steve Madincea, managing partner at Fantastec. “We are certain the thousands already playing SWAP across 50+ countries will love having Borussia Dortmund on our platform.”

“More than ever fans want more interaction and engagement with the teams and players they follow,” added Matthias Zerber, managing director of merchandising at Borussia Dortmund. “Fantastec SWAP is a perfect solution not merely for our most loyal fans in Germany but for all football fans around the globe that love the game and enjoy technology bringing them closer to the team.”

On the pitch, Borussia Dortmund sit second in the Bundesliga behind Bayern Munich.

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