Atletico Madrid launch WhatsApp assistant to connect with fans

28 November 2019 | Clubs & Rightsholders
Atletico Madrid launch WhatsApp assistant to connect with fans
Spanish top-flight soccer club Atletico Madrid have launched an innovate assistant in WhatsApp to offer personalised communications for fans.

Accessible through the number +34690372769 or by scanning a QR code, the virtual assistant aims to offer a direct line of communication, enabling supporters to receive more relevant and useful information from the LaLiga team. 

After activating the assistant on WhatsApp, users will receive a welcome video message from the team’s Portuguese star Joao Felix. They will also able to select their preferred language, as well as choose which areas concerning the club they are most interested in, including tickets, parking and store offers.

In order to avoid spamming, the service will only be activated once a fan has started a conversation.

Alejandro Ugarrio, who is responsible for digital development at Atletico Madrid, said: “We are increasingly a global club and, therefore, we have to offer global solutions to our fans worldwide. We realised that it was necessary to be able to respond to fans who are in other time zones and who use different languages.

“WhatsApp was the best fit for our needs, given the global reach it has.”

Atletico are not the first LaLiga club to use the instant messaging service to communicate with fans. Last year, Athletic Bilbao started taking member and partner queries via WhatsApp and Telegram, asking users to add a publicly available number that would only respond to enquiries from members registered on their database.

On the pitch, Atletico face league leaders Barcelona on Sunday at the Metropolitano, where a win would put them level on points with the Spanish champions.

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