Market Insight: When are the most goals scored in the biggest European leagues and why?

Market Insight: When are the most goals scored in the biggest European leagues and why?
Totum Sport analyse when goals are scored in top leagues of the UEFA footballing region and explain the reasons why.

Stamina, speed and concentration all impact a footballer’s ability to react, make decisions, and keep strong until the end of a game. So it really is no surprise that the most goals are conceded towards the end of the second half when players are losing stamina and focus. Totum Sport has decided to dig a little deeper, and have taken to the field to explore when the most goals are conceded throughout Europe's top leagues based on the UEFA co-efficient from the 2017/18 season.

The five leagues analysed were Spain’s La Liga; The English Premier League; Italy’s Serie A; German Bundesliga; and the French Ligue 1. The study spilt 90 minute games into six 15 minute periods of play, with 31-45 minutes and 76-90 minutes including extra time.

The findings show that, in all of the 5 leagues studied, the most goals were scored in the last 15 minutes of play. Spain’s La Liga was the highest scoring, with 250 goals scored in the last 15 minutes across the season, equating to 24.4% of all goals scored. With Barcelona, Real Madrid and Real Betis all scoring 20 or more goals in the last 15 minutes. The graph below shows the results of the study of when goals were scored in 15 minute periods across all of the leagues. Please note that the Bundesliga only contains 18 teams as opposed to 20 teams in the 4 other leagues, as a result, less games are played.

The least goals scored across all 5 leagues all occurred within the first 15 minutes of a match, with La Liga boasting the largest range with just 119 goals in the first 15 minutes (11.6% of all goals), compared to 250 goals in the last (24.4%).

So why are we seeing these results?

There are many things that impact a player’s stamina and focus throughout the game, including fitness levels, hydration, concentration and how well they have recovered from a previous match or training session.

It is a well-known fact that one of the biggest impacts on performance is dehydration. When a player takes to the field, they’re usually well hydrated which results in higher concentration and focus - which leads to less mistakes and a level playing field in fitness levels. Towards the last 15 minutes of play, players are losing focus, concentration and stamina at an alarming rate.

Studies have shown that by the time an athlete is thirsty, they’re already dehydrated to a level of 2% bodyweight which equals a 10% loss in performance levels. The more dehydrated the player becomes - the greater reduction in performance. Some of the factors that can lead to goals being scored in the last 15 minutes can be linked to dehydration - which could be from lack of focus and concentration, resulting in mistakes, this could be anything from a misplaced pass to not tracking a runner making a late run into the box.

Players are often seen rehydrating with sports drinks, which contain high amounts of sugar that lead to spikes in blood glucose, which inevitably fall later in play. Rehydrating with water alongside electrolytes has proven vital to enable the body to hold onto the water and rehydrate fully.

Another reason for these goals towards the end of a match could be cramps and muscle injuries. It’s common place to see injuries and cramps towards the end of a match when players are struggling. During exercise, levels of lactic acid increase within the body which leads to fatigue and cramps - A study by the University of Alicante demonstrated a 46% reduction in the level of lactate increase in athletes using Totum Sport.

Teams that can maintain the same high level of performance from the start to the end will have a significant advantage over teams that get tired. Totum Sport delivers this because it replaces all 78 electrolytes lost through sweat and exercise that the cells need. When Totum Sport is used as recommend they can guarantee that it delivers superior hydration, stabilises blood glucose and significantly reduces blood lactate levels.  

Totum Sport is approved by Informed Sport and is packaged under the highest levels of safety. To learn more about Totum Sport, go to

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