STATSports and Profile 90 team up for sports data research

STATSports and Profile 90 team up for sports data research
Irish sport tech companies STATSports and Profile 90 have announced a research partnership that aims to bring together physical and mental fitness data relating to the sporting world.

The companies will work to enable clubs to gain a fuller understanding of the makeup of elite athletes, and ultimately seek to allow clubs to make more informed transfer decisions, reduce costs and enhance their chances of sporting success.

STATSports provides GPS player-tracking devices and analysis solutions which are worn by athletes during matches and training to gather data on their performance and physical wellbeing.

The firm has partnerships with teams in the English Premier League, Spain’s La Liga, the National Football League (NFL) and the National Basketball Association (NBA), among others.

Meanwhile, Profile 90 provides a smart scouting and talent identification platform that aims to provide teams with digital psychological profiling, and includes clubs from the Premier League, the English Football League and Major League Soccer (MLS) among its sports partnerships.

Jarlath Quinn, managing director of STATSports, said “The real-time data that we are offering at STATSports is at the forefront of sports technology and is transforming the sports science industry. Working alongside Profile 90 on such an exciting project, to align our data with psychological insight, can only be of benefit to the sports sector. “

Jagdish Basra, co-founder of Profile 90, added: “We are extremely excited about the prospect of working alongside STATSports. As an established name in the wearable tech and GPS sector, STATSports is acknowledged as a leader in innovation and behind their success is a focus on intelligence and insights.

“These are the same foundation stones that Profile 90 is solidly built on.  We firmly believe that science is a key driver of innovation and this partnership between Profile 90 and STATSports is exactly that. 

“This alliance will not only allow us to understand the relationship between physical and mental fitness but ultimately enhance athletic performance. From this, we intend to deliver to the talent identification sector of the industry, the most comprehensive evidence-based athletic profiling product to date.”


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