Goal to stream Street Child World Cup

11 May 2018 | Social Responsibility
Goal to stream Street Child World Cup
Soccer news outlet Goal has announced that it will live stream charity tournament, the Street Child World Cup: The Future Depends On You Moscow 2018.

The international soccer competition, which will be hosted in Moscow, focuses on changing the negative perception and treatment of ‘street-connected children’, which defines youths living or working on the street. The event is set to kick off on 11th May.   

The Street Child World Cup, which is organised by UK charity Street Child United (SCU) in partnership with Russian telecommunications company Megafon and in association with Save the Children, will feature 200 street-connected young people from 21 countries across the world, and, as well as the tournament, will feature a festival of arts and a congress for their rights.

Goal will stream the competition through social media platform Facebook. As well as covering the finals, the news outlet will stream the opening ceremony and a friendly match between the girls teams from Russia and Brazil, before moving on to the knockout stages of the tournament and sharing highlights from the opening rounds.

 James Dickens, Goal’s global editor-in-chief said: “Street Child World Cup: The Future Depends On You Moscow 2018 will be a great event and we’re happy we can amplify the voices of the world’s street children to our global audience through the medium of football.

 “We plan to cover the event much like we do with other global competitions, applying the same graphical and editorial treatments we do when covering the biggest players and competitions – in turn, helping to make the children feel like the stars they idolise.”

 David Lyons, marketing and communications manager for Street Child United said: “The Street Child World Cup: The Future Depends On You Moscow 2018 will feature street-connected children from across the world, including England, Brazil, Russia, India, Mexico and many more. A key aim for the event is to create a global platform for the young people taking part, and having the event covered by Goal will help us reach millions more people. Goal’s global fan base and treatment of the event, before during and after, will allow the young people taking part to be stars back home as well as on the pitches in Russia.”


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