Espanyol latest club to sign Amazon ecommerce deal

4 December 2018 | Commercial & Sponsorship
Espanyol latest club to sign Amazon ecommerce deal
Spanish team’s merchandise will be made available on internet giant’s website.

Top-flight Spanish soccer team Espanyol have partnered with ecommerce giant Amazon to sell their official club merchandise through the online platform.

The club will make twenty items available on the US-based platform, giving fans another portal to purchase merchandise in addition to the club’s official online store.

Espanyol are the second LaLiga team to pen an agreement with Amazon to sell merchandise through its website, following a similar arrangement announced last month by Real Betis.

Espanyol also become only the third soccer team in the world to make official merchandise available on Amazon, after Italian top-flight club Napoli became the first in July this year.

An official statement from the club, who are currently seventh in LaLiga, said: ‘In this way, the blue and white entity strengthens its business capacity with the aim of increasing sales and reaching a greater number of customers.’

This partnership with Amazon forms another part of the Espanyol’s business strategy. The club reported a net profit of €6.4 million for the second consecutive season this year, making €6.4 million (US$7.2 million).

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