Asian Forum 2017 Conference Concept

Asian Forum 2017 Conference Concept
Soccerex are delighted to launch the Conference Concept for the Soccerex Asian Forum, Qatar, 4th-5th December. The Forum will tackle a wide range of topics from regional topics such as delivering major events, commercial growth and performance.

The Soccerex Asian Forum conference programme is designed to deliver unique business insight across a variety of key sectors and subject matters. The themes will be discussed by expert panelists in their fields across the two days, intended to showcase some of footballs hottest topics in the Middle East and Asia.








Each time a new tournament host is announced, a process begins. A detailed process with multiple phases and milestones leading up to the first whistle many years later; one that that goes beyond the last fan leaving the ground, with legacy at the forefront of modern tournament preparations. The Soccerex Asian Forum will bring together experts responsible for tournaments past, present and future to analyse the lifecycles of the major events; to look at the challenges faced during each phase of tournament preparations, how they are best overcome and what lessons can be learnt from previous competitions that help improve the tournaments of tomorrow.





Whether the ultimate ambition is globally or nationally focused, leagues are primarily the domestic bedrock of football culture in each country. Driven by, or working alongside their national FA, leagues have a responsibility to ensure that fans have a quality football product that is economically sustainable; one which can underpin a football industry and create jobs as well as memories for fans. But what does the business of growing a league involve? How do the different stakeholders interact to create a sustainable platform for growth both domestically and internationally? In this session a group of league chiefs will examine the business of running a football league and the lessons that can be learnt by leagues across the Middle East and the rest of Asia.





Asia – especially in football terms – is a vast continent that incorporates many different cultures, religions and languages. One of the few unifiers is football and for brands looking to engage the Asian market, it’s a popular sponsorship vehicle, whether that is through a player, a club or a competition.  The industry is also witnessing more Asian brands seeking collaborations with established football properties as a tool to break into new markets outside of Asia. Through a mixture of discussion and presentations, the Forum will evaluate the sponsorship market in Asia, looking at recent trends and what the future holds for football sponsorship across the region.





Football fans across the Middle East and North Africa are known for their passion and their vociferous support of their teams, both local and international. For the clubs, brands and media channels looking to engage with these Arab fans, there are a multitude of challenges in understanding and meeting their passionate demands profitably. At the Forum we will gather a group of industry experts including Facebook’s Sports Partnerships Lead for EMEA to look at how best to engage Arab fan groups and the key characteristics and channels that need to be considered.





Now in its 15th season, the AFC Champions League is Asia’s premier club competition which sees 32 of the continent’s finest teams fight for the right to be crowned Asian Champions and to compete in the FIFA Club World Cup alongside the Champions of Europe, South America, Africa, the Americas and Oceania. Like the performance of Asian teams in FIFA’s Club World Cup, the standing of the AFC Champions League still lags behind some of its international counterparts, especially those in Europe and South America, however, with investment in Asian Football on the rise, leading to a strengthening of the domestic products in countries such as China, India and Japan, the quality of the continental championship can only benefit. The Asian Forum will look at the different challenges and opportunities facing the AFC Champions League as it looks to engage fans across Asia and the rest of the world.





The future of Asian football talent looks bright. Asian players are increasingly breaking into top teams across Europe, the next generation are benefitting from state of the art training facilities such as the Aspire Academy and, propelled by significant investment, league standards are improving.  But what of the Asian coaches? Currently the talent at clubs and academies alike is being nurtured by mostly foreign coaches. Although their international expertise can be hugely beneficial in improving standards, what is being done to educate and develop the next crops of Asian coaches? Through a panel of coaching and player development experts, we will assess the quality of coaching in Asia and look at what can be done to develop coaching talent across the Middle East and the rest of the continent.





With a population of nearly 4.5bn and a passion for football that spans the continent, grassroots football is big business in Asia. Whether state funded, coordinated by the AFC or privately organised there is huge investment in many thousands of grassroots initiatives looking to give Asian children the opportunity to develop their talent or simply the chance to play the game and improve their social situation. At the Forum we will bring together a mix of regional and international specialists to look at the different structures and methodologies of grassroots schemes across Asia, the different stakeholders that need to participate and what needs to be done to ensure each scheme has a positive impact on the communities involved.





The days of stadia just being a venue to watch sport are long gone. For the modern arena to be financially sustainable it must be multi-purpose, providing enhanced match day hospitality options and catering for a mix of non-match day events. This need for multi-functionality is leading to more innovative designs, incorporating the latest in stadia technology. With Asian countries already hosting many impressive arenas and advanced new stadia being built for upcoming sporting events, our panel of architects, stadium owners and event operators will share their insights on how to best construct and operate stadia that can deliver revenues 365 days a year.



Tell us your suggestions

The conference at the Soccerex Asian Forum is designed for you the football industry and our agenda is shaped by our conversations with the different stakeholders within it. We do our best to cover the latest and most important issues affecting each sector but you may think we've missed something that should be addressed.

If you have a suggestion for a conference topic or a presentation idea you would like to discuss with our team please email [email protected].

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