Market Insight: 5 reasons why Soccerex is going to China….and why you should join us!

29 November 2017 |
Since President Xi Jinping first proclaimed his intent to make China a great football nation, the country’s football growth has piqued the industry’s curiousity and this intensified following the launch of the China National Football Reform Plan in 2015. In 2018 following many months of organisation, Soccerex will begin a new chapter in support of the plan’s fulfillment by hosting the inaugural Soccerex China event on 17-18 April.

If you are considering doing business in China and want to learn more about the commercial opportunities presented by the country’s ambitious football development plans, Soccerex China is for you! Here are 5 reasons why you should attend:

1. China’s population is 1.379 billion, with over 500 million reported to watch football online.

Clubs and brands can target 20% of the world’s population operating in a single market. At Soccerex China, attendees will learn about Chinese consumer behavior and the best channels and strategies to engage with Chinese fans with local insights on how they search for information on Baidu, share information on Weibo and communicate and make mobile payments using WeChat.



2. China expect their national sports industry to be worth $800USD billion in 2025

Chinese investment in sport grew by 600% in the 10 years prior to focusing on football development with the launch of their football development plan. This investment looks set to continue with ambitious growth plans targeting a further 400% growth by 2025. In addition one of the core principles of their football plan is the use of international expertise and resources to accelerate growth. At Soccerex China, you will be able to meet decision makers from local governments and football administrators and allow your business to grow in tandem with football in China.



3. China’s Football Reform Plan (2015-2025) addresses the need for development across all areas of football in the country, triggering multiple business opportunities to meet local demand.

The Plan aims for China to have 70,000 pitches, 50,000 coaches and fifty million players by 2020, of which 30 million will be school children. This provides vast commercial opportunities for organisations ranging from construction and turf companies to technology and insurance providers, to name a just few, as well as coaches, clubs and technical experts. At Soccerex China, you can discover the untapped business potential of this market and get your brand in front of the right audience. 



4. The FIFA World Cup could soon be hosted in China!

Having hosted two FIFA Women’s World Cups, the 2008 Beijing Olympics and set to host the 2022 Winter Games, Chinese governing bodies have publicly expressed their interest in bidding for this major event and fulfilling the President’s stated ambition to host the tournament by 2030. At Soccerex China, attendees will learn about planning, delivery and legacy of major sport events, the expected impact on the industry if the world’s biggest football tournament goes to in China and the chance to steal a march on your competitors by forming key regional relationships ahead of any announcement.



5. Soccerex and China, the perfect blend

Soccerex China gives us the opportunity to apply over 20 years of industry experience in growing the global football industry to undoubtedly one of the world’s fastest growing and most exciting football markets. Combining this experience and heritage with the strong connections we have established with regional governments and governing bodies, we will succeed, where others have failed, in delivering a high calibre international event that both supports China’s football development plans and unlocks the business potential for the wider industry.



We’re very excited about China…we hope to see you there!


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