16 September 2016 | Commercial & Sponsorship
The advertising industry is in the midst of a massive change with sponsorships shifting away from traditional methods of advertising such as stadium logo placement and hefty-priced television ads. Brand partners are looking to connect with sports fans in more experiential, event-based activations with multiple digital touchpoints and lasting social media impact. In justifying sponsorship dollars spent, brands are demanding measurable return on investment and deep customer insight to further drive marketing initiatives with their audiences.

Tackling the emerging challenges faced by event organisers and brand partners, sports sponsorships are leveraging the use of radio frequency identification (RFID) technology embedded into a device (such as a wristband, card or laminate pass) to track user engagement and deliver rich audience insight and measurable sponsorship ROI in real-time. With social media integration, organizers and sponsors are able to extend their brand reach past the event itself, creating significant social buzz and customised post-event brand content targeted to key customer segments.

 Take for example the UEFA Champions Festival that utilised RFID cards supplied by ID&C and Intellitix’s Brand Amplification solutions platform to capture audience demographic information through a series of interactive skill stations offered by brand partners HTC, Playstation, Adidas, Ford, UniCredit and Gazprom. Fans took part in social media check-ins, voting stations, gamification and real-time contesting to compete for top prizes. Some of the results include:

  • 13,000 registered RFID cards with email and Facebook accounts
  • 7,000 social photos taken
  • 40,000 emails triggered
  • 85,000 RFID interactions on site
  • 45 million+ page impressions online

 The world of golf has also shifted to RFID powered brand activations. One of the world’s most prestigious golfing tournaments, The Ryder Cup, elevated their brand sponsorships by creating a fully immersive RFID environment to track and measure sponsorship ROI across 33 brand touchpoints throughout the course. Seven custom activations were tailored to each brand’s objectives including major sponsors BMW, Johnnie Walker, Standard Life Investments, and Active Scotland.

Upon arrival at the event, guests were able to share their support for their favorite team by giving a virtual ‘High Five’ for Team USA or Team Europe with a simple tap of their RFID wristband. Continuing their event journey, patrons also took part in other RFID brand activations including simulated competitions with live leaderboards, test drive opt-ins, and a cashless VIP lounge. Results of the RFID deployment at The Ryder Cup include:

  • 59,176 email accounts linked to RFID wristbands
  • 44,527 total on-site brand interactions
  • 5,818 miles walked by visitors who took part in Active Scotland’s ‘Walk the Course’ brand activation

The real, tangible, smart data collected from these RFID-powered activations is a far greater resource for post-marketing engagement than any amount of signups from a clipboard-wielding ‘brand ambassador’. Looking at the examples above; sponsorship managers of The Ryder Cup and UEFA Champions Festival now have data that could be used to help negotiate stronger commercial deals with current or future brand partners – with a definitive understanding of the quality of interaction their event is able to deliver. From a sponsor’s perspective, an understanding of the kind of and volume of interactions likely from an RFID brand activation would allow for precise planning of channel engagement strategies and follow-up marketing – enabling the sponsor to get more bang for their marketing buck.

Discover how RFID technology can enhance your event, venue, brand or sponsorship opportunities. Meet Intellitix and ID&C on Stand 149 at SoccerEx Global Convention, 26-28 September, Manchester.

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