Global Convention 2016 Conference Programme: Session Concepts

27 May 2016 |
The Soccerex Global Convention delivers market-leading insight across three different conference facilities with a programme created to meet the different needs of the core sectors within the football industry.

The Studio is our primary conference facility, bringing you the biggest names in football, addressing the hottest topics in the game today.

Situated on the exhibition floor, The Academy is our centre of learning with a programme of insight presentations & best practice panel discussions grouped together to deliver blocks of expert content for each of the core sectors of the industry. New for 2016, The Academy will include an extension which will host focused networking sessions linked to the grouped block of content, offering enhanced and better targeted networking opportunities.

The final Conference facility is The Love Football Zone which will feature keynotes, speeches and discussions on a variety of subjects – from women’s football to grassroots and social responsibility - centred on the love of football, which inspires millions of people around the world to pick up a ball and be part of the game.

Below are the initial session concepts for The Studio and The Academy. The initial session concept for the Love Football Zone will be announced in due course.


The Studio


Euro 2016 Review

As the dust settles on the summer’s UEFA European Championships in France, we will be looking at the winners – and losers – on the pitch, the commercial success of the tournament, the planning put in place to ensure a lasting legacy within France and the challenges – and opportunities – in trying to deliver a meaningful impact for the country and its football industry.


The Football League: A New Vision

The world’s oldest league is about to enter one of the most exciting periods in its history with a raft of new commercial agreements in place, including a multi-year title sponsorship with Sky Bet, a rebrand launched ahead of the new season and ground breaking plans announced to increase the number of divisions within the League as part of a move to reduce fixture congestion across the English game. Football League CEO, Shawn Harvey will share at his new vision for the League and to evaluate the commercial opportunities it will generate.


Broadcasting Football in the Modern Age

The last few years have seen a huge cultural shift in the way society wants to - and is able to - consume football.  Driven by a level of technical innovation and media channel development that shows no signs of abating,  this shifting landscape presents challenges to the incumbent broadcasters and opportunities for new market entrants in equal measure.  This panel will bring together a mix of broadcast and media experts to look at how the industry needs to adapt to meet the demands of the modern market.


The Global Game: The Future of Club Football

Football teams no longer play for local or even regional audiences; their fan bases span the globe with tournaments like the UEFA Champion’s League very much a global property driving huge viewing figures all around the world. There has been a steady rise in the number, and size of pre-season tournaments, around the world aimed at feeding the global appetite to see these teams play live and the prospect of a European Super League refuses to go away.  At a time when there is an increasing disparity amongst the haves and have-nots in many of the World’s top leagues, we will gather a group of top level executives to examine the future of club football and the global business potential for the right holders, sponsors, agencies and media companies involved.


International League Expansion

Once domestic leagues were just that; domestic properties concerned purely with needs of their domestic markets. Now, their ambitions are much farther reaching. Through international rights sales, regional partnerships and adapting elements of their product to meet local market needs, Leagues across Europe and the rest of the world are trying to build fan bases and claim a bigger slice of the world’s ever growing commercial commitment to the game. Join us as some of the world’s biggest leagues share their approach to international expansion and analyse the best way to engage overseas markets.


Academies: The Foundation for Success

A club’s academy can be many things; the root of future success on the pitch, a cornerstone of the overall business plan or the heart of a playing philosophy that helps to define the club’s culture.  This session will dissect the role the academy can play at a football club, as a panel of senior club figures from across Europe come together to discuss the structures, resources and management required to deliver an academy that delivers success on every level.


Major Event Planning, Delivery & Legacy

Whether it is the African Cup of Nations, the Copa America, or the FIFA World Cup, major football tournaments are huge projects that require years of planning, investment and stakeholder negotiations but which also represent the opportunity for significant commercial and social impact. This session will unite a group of international experts to look at the business behind the planning, delivery and legacy of major football tournaments, discussing best practice in areas such as consultancy, infrastructure development, match day operations and legacy planning.


Enter the Dragon: The Growing Chinese Influence on World Football

When in 2011, President Xi Jinping stated his personal ambitions for China to qualify for the World Cup, to host the event and one day to win it, the country, despite its growing economic might, was a long way from the top table of the global game. Fast forward five years and, driven by the President’s ambition, China has very quickly become a major player with its clubs out spending their European counterparts, its brands investing in global football properties and its government funding huge grassroots initiatives. Here we ask a mixture of Chinese market experts how the boom in Chinese football came about and what the future holds for this new football super power.


Transfer Market Under the Microscope

In an exclusive session Esteve Calzada, CEO, Prime Time Sport will lead a panel of high profile experts as they dissect the latest spending, market trends and player valuations, across Europe and the rest of the World, as detailed in the Soccerex Transfer Review by Prime Time Sport and the Soccerex 20 Under 21 report.


Women in Football

May was an important month for women in football. As part of FIFA’s reforms, new statutes came into place aimed at addressing the gender inequalities within the organisations hierarchy, UEFA voted in Florence Hardouin as the first female member of their Executive Committee and Fatma Samoura was appointed by Gianni Infantino as the first female General Secretary of FIFA. Although significant, these are still small steps and football is a long way from challenging its current male dominance.  This panel of senior female figures will discuss their industry experiences and look at what needs to be done to ensure there is greater representation for women in the business of football.


The Academy


Integrity in Football Governance

For all the joy, drama and entertainment football provides, the game has, over the last 18 months, been making headlines for the wrong reasons all too often.  Our panel of industry leaders will call on their diverse experiences of governance in football to discuss how the game can introduce greater transparency and preserve greater integrity as well as examining the difficulties football’s governing bodies face in creating legislation to regulate for such a global market place.


Esports: The Football Industry's New Kid on the Block

Make no mistake about it; eSports is big business and only getting bigger. Experts have valued the industry at $748m in 2015, with that growth set to more than double to $1.9bn by 2018. With a huge footprint in Asia and a growing presence in both North America and Europe, commercial opportunities are ripe and the rewards, lucrative. This panel will be lifting the lid on football’s presence in the eSports market as well looking at how best to activate your brand in the ever-growing eSports market.


Maximising the Value of Your Content

Whether it is brands investing in the game to further their international footprint, clubs and leagues seeking to break down barriers with their fans, or football’s biggest stars seeking to monetize their global status, keeping up with the latest trends in digital content creation is key to fulfilling your objectives. New forms of media have enabled the capturing and distribution of a huge variety of content, but the challenge remains in understanding what content fans want and how best to deliver it. What is the best way to engage an international audience across digital and social platforms? Should clubs and leagues be embracing fan generated content rather than waging war against it? Hear from some of the digital sector's leading players, including Facebook, Livewire Sport and SConnected as they answer these questions and many more for what promises to be a truly insightful series of presentations and panel discussions on one of the fastest evolving sectors in the industry.


The Stadia of Tomorrow

Football is in the midst of its biggest stadia revolution in decades.  The traditional stadium is a thing of the past with stadium-wifi, fan engagement platforms, brand activations and eco-friendly initiatives, now at the forefront of the modern fan’s match day experience. A new breed of connected stadia and the incredibly sophisticated technology used in their development are only further growing an industry that is benefiting from enhanced ticketing options, the implementation of AV screens and a plethora of incredible hospitality packages, all of which are helping shape the stadia of tomorrow. This workshop will welcome some of the sector’s key figures, including JMA Wireless and Active Ticketing, as they lift the lid on the huge boom in the industry, as well as some of the innovations set to continue the revolution.


Making Sponsorship Work

As the football world and its many encompassing innovations continue to evolve and develop the demands of sponsors, the deliverables of rights holders have had to adapt accordingly. How do you go about measuring the value of sponsoring the game’s different properties, whether that is a club, league or athlete? With broadcasting revenues now a bigger portion of clubs’ revenues, have commercial partnerships decreased in value?  How can clubs and brands best activate major event sponsorship opportunities? These two sponsorship sessions will bring together a number of the game’s leading clubs, brands and rights holders to showcase how best to tackle these issues, as well as share their insight into what the future holds for one of football’s most profitable sectors.


Technology & Innovation Workshop

Whether applied to secure the all important marginal gains on the pitch or to used to revolutionise a clubs commercial operations, technological innovations are changing the face of football and the business behind it. From recording and analysing data points to using virtual reality to offer improved fan experience, cutting edge technology is already impacting the football industry and in this workshop, through a series of insight presentations, you will get to hear from innovators such as Beyond Sports, who are leading the way as they look at where technology will take the beautiful game next. 


Club Case Studies

There are some we love and some we love to hate but it can’t be denied that football clubs are some of the most innovative, multi-faceted organisations in sport.  Similarly to matters on the field, the success of football clubs’ matters off the pitch require a clear vision, creativity and shrewd acumen.  In this session we welcome a host of the game’s elite football clubs as they showcase their industry leading case studies in areas such as matchday revenue generation, commercial strategy, digital initiatives, stadia development and fan engagement.

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