Hellas Verona partner with Jetcoin

17 November 2015 | Commercial & Sponsorship
Hellas Verona partner with Jetcoin
Italian Serie A club Hellas Verona have partnered with Jetcoin, a digital loyalty token aimed at sports fans. Hellas Verona become the first club in the world to accept Jetcoins in payment for sponsorship.

Jetcoin is also partnered with Hellas' city rivals Chievo Verona, and earlier this year Chievo player Antoine Viterale became the company's first Jetcoin champion.

Fans are able to purchase Jetcoin contracts affiliated with champions on the Jetcoin online platform. As the contracts earn revenue through the success of the champions, fans can exchange Jetcoins to purchase unique rewards and experiences with their chosen champions or with the soccer clubs.

Jetcoin champions are also required to donate 10 per cent of their Jetcoin earnings to Jetcoin Institute-approved charities.

“After weeks of strategic discussions with Jetcoin, we have full confidence in their solutions and that is why we are accepting Jetcoins as payment for club sponsorship," said Giovanni Gardini, general manager of Hellas Verona.

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