20 under 21

Fuelled by vast TV rights deals, aggressive globalisation strategies and overseas investments, the spending on football players reaches new heights each year. Resources in the market and the demand for top talent have sent prices sky high. Clubs place a premium on young talent that has the potential to improve on the pitch, and appreciate in value off it.

The Soccerex 20 Under 21 Report by Prime Time Sport provides a proven measure of the world’s top under 21 players, using The Football Value Index which takes into account a player’s age, position, current club, contract length, market value perception, international caps, minutes played, goals, injuries and technical quality from a variety of sources to arrive at a final valuation.

The 2018 edition, shows just how much the market has inflated following Neymar’s record breaking transfer last summer and points the way towards some of the stars of tomorrow. We hope you enjoy it!



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Soccerex 20 under 21

With the increasing value being attributed to young players, this report provides insight into the hottest prospects on the market.