Miguel Angel Loor

Liga Pro (LPFE)

Lawyer by profession, was born in Guayaquil, the main port of Ecuador.
In 2009 he was appointed member of the board of Barcelona Sporting Club, the football club with the highest number of national championships and fans in Ecuador .
He held the general secretariat of Barcelona Sporting Club and had the honor of possessing two presidents of the institution during his tenure.
In 2011 he was appointed legal Advisor of the Guayas Football Association, the football governing body of the province where the two main Ecuadorian Football clubs belong.
In 2014 he was appointed vice president of Guayaquil Sport Club, a sports entity that plays in the Ecuador second football division.
In the year 2017 he is elected president of Guayaquil City Football Club, who disputes the Ecuadorian championship of first football division. He would renounce this distinction after being unanimously elected as president of the emerging Professional Football League of Ecuador in 2018.