Fernando Roitman

CIES Sports Intelligence

With Masters in both economics and sports management, Fernando joined CIES in 2016 to work on a number of consulting projects for some of the most important organizations in the sports industry, including IOC, FIFA and UEFA. Very passionate about ‘off-the-pitch’ aspects, Fernando is a co-author of the FIFA/CIES book “‘Governance relations between Management and Labour – Players, Clubs, Leagues and National Associations’.

In 2018 Fernando led the creation of ‘CIES Sports Intelligence’, a new department dedicated to the in-depth analysis of a variety of sporting topics - including elements of governance, finance, legal and development - to support stakeholders’ decision-making. With more than seven year of experience in an international and multi-cultural context, prior to CIES he worked at UEFA, the World Union of Olympic Cities and the Italian Football Federation.