Tiago Craveiro

Portuguese Football Federation

Tiago Craveiro started his professional life as a journalist and has worked at the most prestigious Portuguese media.

In 2002 he became attached to the world of sport, first as adviser to the Minister attached to the Presidency, the body responsible for sports policy in his country, and then as chef de cabinet of the Secretary of State for Youth and Sport.

In 2006 he assumed the post of General Secretary of the Portuguese League of Professional Football, giving up a promising political career for his passion for football. He has held that position for six years, during the presidencies of Hermínio Loureiro and Fernando Gomes, the current President of the FPF.

His liking for communication and detail, his leadership and the specialization in marketing and sports events led to his appointment as CEO at the FPF, after Fernando Gomes has taken office as President in 2011.

To the broad empirical experience in football he added, with distinction, in the Summer of 2016, the academic title of Executive Master in European Sport Governance (MESGO).

In an inclusive Association which has as motto “Football for everyone”, Tiago Craveiro believes the development of football in all its branches – women football, beach soccer and futsal – is the path to follow in the coming years: “Modern football has to combine the values of ethics and fair-play with a professional imaginative organization. The future of football and the huge social responsibility that goes with this phenomenon requires us to have the ability to think “outside the box”.