Ella Masar

VfL Wolfsburg

Former Player
Ella Masar is a retired Professional Fußballer. For the last 10 years, she has had the honour of playing for some of the best clubs in the world. That includes four different Champions League team (VfL Wolfsburg Germany, Paris Saint-Germaine (PSG), Rosengård Sweden, & LSK Norway) appearances, 2x Swedish Cup Winner, 2x Bundesliga Champion, 2x Bundesliga Cup Winner, and Champions League Runner Up. Plus, she also had the honour of representing her country, USA.

Ella is now pursuing her 'post career' with coaching and trying to help others. She has recently completed her UEFA B Liscense in Germany where she has also taken on a men's Refugee team and has co-founded Doyenne Sport; an agency sourcing opportunities for female footballers.

Ella is a member of Common Goal, the social impact collective in global football. She is part of a team of over 100 players, managers and leading figures from the football industry who together are transforming the world through football.