Striking a balance - domestic football growth vs. the needs of the national team

Soccerex China 2018

The Studio | 18 April 2018 | 12:00 PM - 12:45 PM

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A strong domestic league is often seen as a prerequisite of a having a successful national team. In most cases this domestic strength is created by gathering better players, creating better teams and in turn delivering a more exciting product for the fans, broadcasters and sponsors. Better players and be developed “in house” through academies and coaching programmes or, as we are increasingly seeing in the modern, globalized market, they can be purchased from other territories. It can be argued that the influx of foreign talents that is common place in almost every league in the world helps raise the standards of performance for the young players coming through. It can also be argued that this same influx stifles the opportunity for young players with their progression pathways blocked by cheaper foreign alternatives. How do you strike a balance between these two important aspects of football growth in any country? How do the different stakeholders involved need to collaborate? At Soccerex China, senior league and FA figures will be joining by performance specialists to analyse the priorities involved and how a balance can best be struck to serve the interests of all parties.

Suggested for: Performance