Soccerex Football Festival 2017

Following the hosting of the inaugural World Street Soccer Championships in 2016,
the Soccerex Football Festival is back this year and will be returning to Manchester once again.

The tournament has featured some of the biggest and best freestylers from all across the world,
including Edward Van Gils and Sean Garnier.

In 2016, Netherlands came out on top in a hard fought final to be crowned World Street Soccer Champions.
Can Netherlands defend their title this time round?

The event is FREE to attend and was the subject of much social media coverage,
including over 190,000 views on Facebook Live!

If you would like more information about this event or if your company would like to get involved this year,
please contact us and follow our social media channels below

Football Festival 2017

3 September 2017 | Manchester
World Champion

Festival Gallery