Case Study: EventsTag

SME and start-ups in a digital space are increasingly choosing Soccerex as a platform to break into and engage the football industry. After the latest Soccerex Global Convention back in September we sat down with regular exhibitors, EventsTag who chose the event to promote their array of digital and social media based fan engagement products. We spoke with their Head of Growth, South America and EMEA, Nathan Svirsky about the work of EventsTag and how Soccerex has helped the company become a market leader.

Can you tell us a bit about EventsTag – what your products/services are and who you look to sell them to etc?

Over the last 5 years EventsTag has established itself as the leading supplier of innovative photo marketing solutions to experiential marketing campaigns and live venues.

Our focus is driving value to end consumers and we build complete solutions that inspire fans to share inspirational content to social and encourage others to want to be part of the experience.

What made you look at attending a Soccerex event?

We attended Soccerex because we saw the potential of working with football clubs and other sports facilities who were often struggling to engage with their fan base and finding creative ways to add value to the match day experience.  

Soccerex stood out because it was a one of a kind event and we knew it would be beneficial for finding the right partners for our business.

When did you first attend a Soccerex event and which one was it? How were you involved?

We first got involved with Soccerex in 2016 where we provided them with some live social media experiences such as our Social Wall which displayed live content from the event #hashtag. In addition, we also provided our Polaroid Printer during the Football Festival to give fans the chance to print their digital content onto branded 6x4 glossy Polaroid's - which if they were lucky were signed by the freestylers!

Which events have you been to since?

We have since attended Soccerex in 2017 with ambitions to attend a couple more of the global events as our own business has seen increased demands in those markets and operationally we’re now able to service them in the same way we service are European partners.

Before your first Soccerex event, what were your expectations and what did you hope to get out of your participation? How did the event compare to these expectations?

Our expectations were to meet fan engagement, marketing and brand sponsorship representatives from sporting clubs around the world. This expectation was met each year and we were able to showcase our ever growing range of products to these target partners every year.

What differentiates Soccerex for you as a route to create business opportunities?

Soccerex has something for everyone and it has proven to be a melting pot of new trends, shared experiences and future ideas. We have found that our products are best understood when they are used, because for us it’s all about creating unforgettable experiences. The relaxed environment of Soccerex meant that guests were happy to take part in experiences and go home with some great memories - even if it did mean sticking on a Maradona wig and vintage jersey!

Are you likely to come to another Soccerex event and if so why?

Over the years Soccerex has become an integral part of our business and we will most definitely be attending for years to come.

What do you see as a next step for EventsTag and how do you see Soccerex supporting the future growth of your company?

EventsTag has gone from a bedroom operation to a worldwide business in the less than 6 years. We have plans to open more global offices to help better service our clients and tap into new markets as the industry continues to grow and diversify. Soccerex gives us the opportunity to meet all the best people around the world to help achieve our mission of powering the most innovative social experiences in the world on behalf of the world’s biggest brands.

What have you gained from working with Soccerex and can you give some examples of partnerships/business deals that have formed because of a Soccerex event?

Since exhibiting at Soccerex we have been able to create one of a kind activations with different teams across the country:

Chelsea FC

We’ve formed a great partnership with Chelsea and helped them to add some magic to their fan zones during the second half of their 16/17 seasons up until they won the league.

We helped turn their fans into Digital and Physical Trading Cards using our innovative green screen technology. We also gave fans the chance to show off their Chelsea spirit by having them take a selfie with Chelsea inspired facepaint using our 3D face mapping technology called Snap Mask. All in all we helped Chelsea create over 5, 000 pieces of unique content resulting in a social outreach of over 12million.


After the tragedy of the Grenfell Tower fire earlier this year, we were approached by the fantastic team at QPR F.C to help them activate some one of a kind experiences for their fans attending the Game4Grenfell charity match. We provided our Snap Mask technology and our brand new Burst Array booth to capture some unique content for fans to share across their network and help spread the word about the charity. 

Liverpool FC

We have also been lucky enough to form a great relationship with LFC and have just wrapped our first project with them at the Premier League Live event in India. Using our Polaroid Printers we gave guests the chance to print off their #hashtagged content from social media.

We’ve got a couple more secret projects coming soon….

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