Louis Saha And Dieter Prestin Launch Axis 10 Sports Consulting Group

10 Apr 2014

Louis Saha And Dieter Prestin Launch Axis 10 Sports Consulting Group
Business solutions for football clubs, agents and players

Former Manchester United striker Louis Saha and former 1.FC Köln defender Dieter Prestin are delighted to announce the creation of AXIS 10 Sports Consulting Group.

The company’s mission is to play a central role in helping professional football players gain access to a wide range of high quality products and services. These specially designed solutions will allow football players to protect themselves against financial losses during their sports careers and to better prepare for their ongoing financial prosperity thereafter.

The new and unique service, developed by professionals for professionals, will also play a key role in helping clubs and agents cope with the increasing complexity of the international sports business which threatens reputational, legal and financial risk.

The French ex-international, who retired last year after a 16 years long career at clubs such as Fulham, Manchester United and Everton, commented: “I’m very proud to be part of this amazing project. I just finished my football career but straight away felt a strong desire to use my vast experience to help young players to learn faster and not make the same mistakes lots of players typically make. While many retired footballers get their coaching degrees, I decided to wait a few more years and today I’m very proud to have contributed to the creation of AXIS 10 Sports Consulting Group. This all started two years ago when this idea began to take shape in my head, while writing my book ‘Thinking inside the box’. ”

Dieter Prestin, who, after leaving the field, has become one of the most recommended providers for sports insurances in the German Bundesliga, including the most prestigious clubs, commented:”When I met Louis for the first time we immediately agreed that it was the right time to provide the football industry with a consulting company that is able to deliver high quality services for the whole of Europe. We have been able to take on board multi-cultural, multi-lingual, extremely committed and qualified people. All our services will be based on five key principles: openness, integrity, respect, transparency and responsibility.”

Thanks to its solid network of reputable partners who specialize in different areas, AXIS 10 will provide access to top quality and transparent services such as insurances, international legal and tax advice, post-career income planning, and investment solutions. Saha added: “This is really something I would have loved to have access to as a player; a real tool to understand and better control a complex football career. Therefore, it’s an immense privilege for me to be able to offer such access to current or up-and-coming professional football players, because I understand the huge potential this project has. It’s why I feel as excited as when I first started my professional career as a football player. I would like to thank our preferred banking partner ING Luxembourg for its efforts; they have been a driving force in making this project happen. Together we truly believe in the success of this Consulting Group.”

To guarantee a pan-European reach, AXIS 10 will only work with international and specialized companies such as Lloyd’s Insurances London, ING Luxembourg, and PricewaterhouseCoopers as well as other reputable partners that can deliver the best solutions and results for the professional world of football. AXIS 10 will also collaborate with a number of other former professional football players who share the same vision and can use their comprehensive networks to reach out to even more players, agents and clubs.